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Minimalist Budget: Grow Your Dough, Budgeting Like a Pro! Book 3 (Unabridged)

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Minimalist Budget: Grow Your Dough, Budgeting Like a Pro! Book 3 (Unabridged)

Always worrying over money? Great at spending, terrible at saving? Want to learn the most simple yet effective ways to budget instead? If so, then keep listening...

Whether it's buying a new house, paying your bills, or simply picking up the groceries, money is the biggest cause of stress in the world today, so getting your finances under control is such a desirable thing to achieve. But very few people are taught the strategies and mindsets to budget and save properly. We see it as a drab and tedious exercise, so we continue to live paycheck to paycheck, never improving our money situation.

Not anymore.

Jason Delucci is a minimalist vet who has perfected the art of decluttering his life. Having highlighted the extent of our consumerist world in the past, Delucci goes one step further and provides both the personal finance strategies and money management models to efficiently streamline, stabilize, and grow your finances almost on autopilot.

In this insightful, final edition in the Minimalism series, you will discover:
Why you must start with making your money inventory. The simple but effective cutbacks that make a drastic difference to your bank account. Three simple steps for paying off all credit and store cards with ease. The good, the bad, and the in-between of debt. How to build your perfect “personal economic ecosystem”. The first thing you should do with every paycheck. The three universal laws which underpin all money management models. The one psychological trait you MUST adopt to put this all together. And much more...
Minimalist Budget provides the tried and tested methods to curb compulsive spending and resist temptation while improving saving habits. Even if you’ve failed with budgeting in the past. These actionable and straightforward steps will help you finally achieve your financial goals!
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