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Does not matter if you have obtained a discount offer, free shipping offer and/or other free bonus from our recommended partner store at the time you placed the specific order. What matters most is you made the purchase there through us [Dealdom.com] ASAP (As Soon As Possible) while this offer lasts.
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Hello and Welcome Dear Friend...

Here's The Deal...

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1. Government & Scientists Invest

Government & world class scientists spend millions of dollars yearly by investing on researches in specialized universities across the planet like Harvard, Cambridge, etc. to then produce scientifically tested and proven to "work" products / solutions to help solve daily problems of mankind.

2. Adverts & Promotions Get Investments

Also on the other hand, we spend by investing $1000s daily for advertisement, promotions to get these products to you. The cost of which (product advertisement & promotion) is then added to the final product production cost thereby increases the product price that you pay.

3. We Invest In You

Now instead, we want to invest in you by sharing with or giving you directly part of the money dedicated for product promotion & advertisement.

How? We make you save money and you make money with us.

4. A Reverse Technology

Buy your desired product that is proven to work in solving your problem in which it is designed/produced to solve. And we give you with love an Extra Super Discount of 4-10% that was dedicated as part of advertisement, promotional cost on the product you purchased.

5. Cash-Back

Call it Cash-Back made simply by just buying your desired recommended scientifically proven product while going through our linked Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount button, on our site to our selected partner store. You get from us Extra 4-10% OFF on the product price you purchase there.

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True And Loyal

This is to show and prove how true and loyal we are to our dear clients like you.

And how we strongly believe and trust in the works of our recommended partner stores scientifically proven products, that we have carefully selected and recommended to you.

These products really works when used and applied the observed product regulations carefully and correctly.  

Does This Make Sense?


This OFFER though is open and has a LIMITED TIME & PERIOD with respect to selected type of product category and to a number of limited clients/visitors only.

Just A Quick Reminder

If You have already made a purchase on our recommended partner store by following one of our linked product page with label "Buy Now + ExtraSuper or "ExtraSuper# - I Want This Deal" button, then please scroll down this page and complete the provided form with all the data requested for redeeming your discount with us. We will create an account on our site as soon as possible and notify you of your login details.

But if you are new here and want to start saving and making money with us, please kindly read on to the bottom of this page as we got good stuff for you.

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Dealsdom Extrasuper Discount
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Dealsdom Extrasuper Discount
Here's How It Works...

When you follow our "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" or other "ExtraSuper# - I Want This Deal" link button to our partner official store and complete your purchase, you get paid from us [Dealsdom.com] an extra 4-10% loyalty discount commission on that product you purchased at our partner store.

Sounds Cool! Do I Hear You Ask Where Is The Catch? Well...

💰 Dealsdom Super Deals Discount 💰 Here's What To Do...

Step 1.
Join Dealsdom As Member
Register a free account with us using your Full Name here [Dealsdom.com] as a free member by joining our like minded deals lovers - Relax it's free and will always be.

Step 2.
Use The Same Name
Whenever you see a product of desired interest on our site that links or takes you to our partner official store that you want to purchase, please use the same full name in our record to purchase and conclude the transaction on our partner official store. This is to check fraud on our side and make our payment of your commission to you easier and faster. Hope this is clear.
Relax we will never request and we will never claim your refund on your behalf even if you request us to do so. It's illegal and against the law. Any refund payment transactions you make with our partner official website will be paid directly to you and to your bank account. Hope this is clear.

Step 3.
Submit Details For Commission
When you're done with above step 2, Then... Come back to Dealsdom and contact us or use the form provided at the bottom of this page to send/submit a copy of your successful order transaction details that you made on our linked partner official store for us to prepare and pay you your earned Cash-Back commission when due.

That's all there is - So simple & easy - Just relax as we prepare and send you your due commission 💰💰💰💰💰💰

This is only applicable and you are eligible only...

  1. If you go through the provided "Buy Now" button you find on a specific product page on our site with the display label "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount '' - You get 4-10% OFF upon successful transaction.
  2. If we have verified that the product order/transaction ID/number you submitted to us as regard to the transaction you made came truely from our site to our partner site.
  3. If you respect the guarantee policy as made and offered to you by & on our partner official store website where you placed your order after going through our site provided linked "Buy Now" Button without requesting for a refund.
  4. If you did not request, get or obtain any refund or your money back within and after the guarantee period as specified by our partner store policy made to you upon completing your order/transaction.
  5. REPEAT: you are eligible only if No Refund is made back to you of that specific product you ordered with that specific order/transaction ID you made by going through our site to our partner store as regard to that particular product. I hope this is made clearly understandable.
  6. After placing your successful order at our partner store following our provided "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" button Link, then come back to this page: "Dealsdom Super Deal" and register an account on our site as a member as follow:
  7. Click on the account link on our site [Dealsdom.com] - Create Account. (Please, use the same name you used for purchasing the product on our partner store. This is only for quick and better lookup for us to check fraud)
  8. Use the provided form on this page below to submit your successful transaction details (ordered/transaction ID, etc.) you received through the email from our partner store when you made/placed the order going through our provided "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" button on Dealsdom.com corresponding specific product page.
  9. Send us a copy or manually submit your ordered/transaction ID/Number/#: (NB: We do not claim your refund on your behalf - It's against the law.) along with the
  10. Name you used for purchasing the specific product,
  11. The email address you used for the order/transaction.
  12. Submit also the date the order/transaction was made.
  13. Specify also your discount code name - example:  ExtraSuper#. 
  14. This special discount is applicable only to the product price on sale at our recommended partner store. It excludes added shipping cost (where applicable), tax and other custom fees you paid on the respective ordered product following our "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" button.

Note Carefully (NB):
This DEAL/Offer is Limited only to a number of our selected partner store products and it's open only to a selected number of clients/visitors in a given period of time. So act now while the offer lasts. Look and search for products on our site with a label "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" on the blue button.

What You Get!

Here is what you get when you follow our "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" blue button link to our partner store to make your order ASAP.
Examples: You get an extra 8% OFF from us on the product you bought on our recommended partner store. Say you made and paid for an order for the price of...

  • $50.00(USD) -> ($50 X 0.08 = $4.00. You get paid $4.00(USD) when due.
  • $100.00(USD) -> ($100 X 0.08 = $8.00. You get paid $8.00(USD) when due.
  • $200.00(USD) -> ($200 X 0.08 = $16.00. You get paid $16.00(USD) when due.
  • $300.00(USD) -> ($300 X 0.08 = $24.00. You get paid $24.00(USD) when due.
  • $500.00(USD) -> ($500 X 0.08 = $40.00. You get paid $40.00(USD) when due.
  • $1000.00(USD) -> ($1000 X 0.08 = $80.00. You get paid $80.00(USD) when due.

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Skeptical? - 😒 😟 😔

Well, It's Normal Being Human. Relax, You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose... Rather You Gain & Win With Us - Dealsdom.com - Just Trust Me On This!

Let's Face It

You Have 3 Options - Take Your Choice...

1. Don't Take Action ASAP

  • Remain the way you are cost you $0.00 - Right?
  • Doing nothing, your problem or the problem may remain unsolved day after day.
  • Well, we still remain friends or maybe - As you wish.

We're Here To Help!

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee 💰

  • Buy your desired scientifically proven to work product from our partner store going through us then...
  • If one day, before the guarantee expires, you decide the product is not right for you or does not serve the purpose for which it is meant for... No Problem.
  • Just before the guarantee period expires contact our partner store where you made the purchase through us for a refund. Or with full Order details, contact Dealsdom clients support for help.
  • You get paid back by our partner store 100% of the money you paid for the product.
  • NB: If you requested for refund, our partner store pay your Refund Money-Back Directly Only to You with the account details you have with them for that transaction in which we can't have access to by law. They don't pay it to us and we don't request and/or claim it on your behalf - Let's be clear about this. So you risk and lose Absolute Nothing. And we remain just friends as you wish.

3. Take True & Loyal ExtraSuper Deal 💰💰

  • Buy your desired scientifically proven to work product from our partner store going through us then...
  • Use it as recommended by the producer for the purpose for which it is meant for while correctly observing instructions and respecting the guarantee period,
  • Claim available discount and other bonus (free shipping, etc.) offered to you by our partner store for that product. Then come back to Dealsdom.com to...
  • Claim also an Extra Super discount from us reserved for you (when due) for that transaction.
  • NB: We pay your commission with a paycheck or into the bank account details you have with us when you registered with us as a member on Dealsdom.com. We do not pay your commission into our partner store account details you have with them - Then You Extra Gain. What is better than that?

A Trial Will Convince You...💰💰💰

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Purchase today through Dealsdom and you're backed with our full assistance in case of any issue after sales - 24/7. [Our Mission - Learn More.]

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Then use the form here below to send us the copy or details of the purchases/transactions you made on our partner store after following a "Buy Now + ExtraSuper Discount" button on various products in our store. Then relax - We will send you your commission when payment is due: Happy Deals - To Your Success...!

Submit Your Name and product purchased detail & Get ExtraSuper Discount

In the message box, please include:

  1. A copy of Order/Transaction ID of the product purchased from our partner store.
  2. Name and Email address used for the order/transaction,
  3. Date the order/Transaction was made and
  4. Specify discount code name - Example: ExtraSuper#

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PS. 4: - REPEAT: NO "ExtraSuper discount" deal applicable if you requested & obtained a refund (product money back) in full or partly. You don't get any ExtraSuper discount deal from us when you get paid back your ordered product money - I hope this is made clear and understandable.

PS. 5: If you requested for refund, our partner store pay your Refund Money-Back Directly Only to You with the account details you have with them for that transaction in which we don't and can't have access to by law - It Is Not Legal. They don't pay it to us and we don't request and/or claim it on your behalf - Let's be clear about this.

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