Selling Terms For Buyers

Selling Terms For Buyers

Members & Non-members
1) For Guaranteed Business Transaction All users willing to buy physical and digital product/s directly from checkout store as a member or non-member must have an account or open an account with Google Chekcout which is absolutely free otherwise your order/s will not be accepted or will be rejected. If you don't have a google account open register Google Account: Its free, easy and fast. For checking out with paypal, where stated, it is facultative.

2) For payment of ordered products placed through store cart, checkout is through Google Checkout or Paypal or Shopify. We accept payment made with google checkout account, paypal account and major credit cards (visa, master card, etc.) offered through the above mentioned checkouts points for fast, easy, safe and sicure transactions.

3) Ordered Product Cancelation: Buyers have 30 minutes to cancel their own orders, but we can cancel orders up until the minute that we ship. If we have not yet shipped and confirmed the order, we can cancel it.

4) Ordered Product Preparation Time: Please allow 4 to 5 business days

5) Shipping & Delivery Time: Usually Delivery of ordered products with full tracking informations are made to:
(a) USA clients in 10 - 21 days.
(b) Canadian orders delivered via Canada Post with full tracking information. Please allow 14 - 28 days for delivery.
(c) Europe, Africa, Asia & Pacific: 14 - 28 days.
Please take a minute to view also our membership terms for more info.