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JVZ Sales Maximizer

JVZ Sales Maximizer

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JVZ Sales Maximizer

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Imagine selling a product that is instantly 
delivered to the buyer, with complete protection 
from prying eyes. 

Imagine minimizing your promotional costs because 
you have an entire army of affiliates who want to 
sell your product and they only get paid when you 
make a sale. 

Imagine having a split payment system so well 
designed that you just set it up with a few 
simple steps and you no longer have to spend 
hours paying affiliates, joint venture partners 
or emailing your product to buyers. 

Imagine that you have 2,3 or 10 products being 
sold and each one has a different one time offer 
after purchase, so that as orders roll in you can 
automatically be pouring money into your PayPal 
account without doing more work. 

All of this is possible with one network... 

JVZ Sales Maximizer

Watch over my shoulder as I literally take you by 
the hand and show you HOW in this step by step 

Here's what you'll get access to... 

Video #1: Introduction to the JVZoo Funnel Mastery 
Video #2: Product Vendor Checklist 
Video #3: Mapping Out Your Sales Funnel 
Video #4: Finalizing All Your Pages 
Video #5: Settings Up Product On JVZoo 
Video #6: Make A Payment Link & Add To Your Sales Page 
Video #7: Upload The Initial Pages 
Video #8: Sales Funnels 
Video #9: Setting JV's, 2-Tier JV Brokers 
Video #10: Affiliate Program & Affiliate Contests 

You'll have access to ten short easy videos that 
demonstrate how to setup, sell, deliver, test, 
and use the JVZoo platform. 

Simply put... You will KNOW how to automate your 
sales process with JVZoo. 

JVZ Sales Maximizer


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