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Book Outsource System

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It's a fact. Amazon noted that their Kindle
electronic books sold many times more than their
hardcover books.

So, while formats do change, books are still
highly profitable.

Now while many people are buying books online,
savvy marketers are taking advantage of this and
have started producing book online.

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However there are a few challenges to face...

PROBLEM #1 - Not everyone can create a book. If
you don't have the artistic or creative ability
to write fictional books, then it doesn't matter
anymore. Now you can own your very own fictional
book created by somebody else with your very own
name on it.

PROBLEM #2 - Spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Did you know that incorrect grammar and spelling
is one of the main complaints from readers? The
problem arises because many people create books,
but then can't find a good proofreader.

PROBLEM #3 - Knowing how to launch it. It's all
well and good having a book to your name and
selling live on Amazon. But who's going to know
about it?

That's where the Book Outsource System steps in.
You'll learn everything you need to know about
creating a plot, finding good writers,
proof-reading, bartering, cover designing,
printing and distributing, plus much more!

If you've seriously considered selling your own
book online then it's never too late to start and
it's made all the easier with our 'over the
shoulder' training.

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