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Tattoo Concealing Master
Tattoo Concealing Master

Tattoo Concealing Master: Cover Unwanted Tattoos With Airbrush Makeup

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Tattoo Concealing Master: The step-by-step system for flawless
and durable coverage of unwanted tattoos with airbrush makeup

Here’s a breakdown of the Tattoo Concealing Master course curriculum:


Lesson 1: Preparing the skin

  • proper cleansing
  • neutral positioning  

Lesson 2: Preparing your workspace

  • airbrush system assembly
  • general workspace materials  

Lesson 3: Doing a patch test

  • analyzing skin undertones
  • determining color ratios  


Lesson 1: Neutralizing a black and grey tattoo

  • correcting greenish/bluish tones
  • proper misting distance and opacity  

Lesson 2: Reintroducing the skin-colored pigments

  • mastering the rocking boat technique
  • proper misting distance
  • reintroducing texture
  • setting with powder
  • extending makeup longevity  

Lesson 3: Concealing a color tattoo

  • understanding the complementary color wheel
  • color-correction of warm and cool tones
  • neutralizing outlines
  • color washing  


Lesson 1: Cleaning your airbrush – Regular use

  • using the proper cleaners
  • partial airbrush disassemly/reassembly  

Lesson 2: Airbrush maintenance

  • complete airbrush disassemly/reassembly
  • in-depth cleaning of airbrush components  

Lesson 3: Removing the makeup from the skin

  • makeup remover options
  • alcohol-based vs. alcohol-free cleansers  


Lesson 1: In-depth equipment and product knowledge

  • equipment options for on-location applications
  • switching between various airbrush makeup mediums
  • low-grade vs. high-grade alcohol-based makeup
  • hindering factors of makeup longevity  

Lesson 2: In-depth color-correction and neutralization

  • pre-mixed color-correctors vs. primary color-correctors
  • mimicking freckles and bronzers  

Lesson 3: Tattoo coverage for skin issues

  • concealing tattoos with scar tissue
  • concealing tattoos with skin discolorations (rosacea, tan lines, vitiligo, bruises, birthmarks, etc.)
  • concealing tattoos between laser tattoo removal sessions
  • concealing tattoos with body jewelry  

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