Sales Funnel Secrets

Sales Funnel Secrets

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Sales Funnel Secrets

About Product


Did you know that a lot of the money you make
online is from back-end profit through a sales

When setup right, a sales funnel will allow you
to profit even when you break even upfront when
paying for advertising.

Will give you better visitor value or EPC
(earnings per click) so you'll know how to budget
your spending.

And on top of that will allow you to scale your
business and find other sources of traffic so you
know what to except with a given amount of

This new course is designed for you to squeeze
every last bit of profit from your existing sales

Even if you don't have one yet, you'll still
benefit from it wildly by having everything laid
out in front of you so you know where to start.

Inside this course you'll discover...

Video #1: What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do I
Need One?

Video #2: The 3 Things Your Funnel Must Have

Video #3: How To Get Good Product Ideas For Your
Offers In Your Funnel

Video #4: What Makes A Great Free Offer

Video #5: How To Create An Effective Squeeze Page
That Captures Targeted Prospects

Video #6: The Best Ways To Deliver Your Products
When A Customer Subscribes

Video #7: How To Create PDF Reports And eBooks

Video #8: The Basics Of Recording Video Products
Using Affordable Software And A Laptop

Video #9: The Free Html Editor Software You Can
Use To Create Squeeze Pages And Sales Pages

Video #10: A Couple Different Wordpress Themes
You Can Use To Create Squeeze Pages And Sales

Video #11: The Free FTP Software You Can Use To
Upload All Of Your Funnel Files In Bulk

Video #12: Product Types That Sell Well As OTOs
And Add-on Products

Video #13: Secrets Of Pricing You Frontend And
Backend Products And Services

Video #14: How Many Up-Sells You Should Have In
Your Funnel To Maximize Profits Without Going

Video #15: How You Can Increase Customer Value On
The Backend Separate From Your Initial Funnel

Video #16: Understanding EPC And Customer Value
So You Can Scale Up Your Business

Video #17: How To Monetize Your Download Page
With Related Offers Like The Pros Do

and so much more!...

Plus you'll also be able to pick up a bonus
report 'Low Ticket, Mid Ticket And High Ticket
Product Ideas!'

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