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Online Store

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Online Store


Anyone can start an eCommerce store, and they can be run by one
person in the comfort of their home or apartment. If you know
how to source products correctly you don't even have to buy
inventory until a sale is made. So this means you don't have to
buy huge pallets full of products to get started.

Here's how it works...

You find products you want to sell in your online store, and you
setup a special drop ship relationship with a supplier. When
someone comes to your website and orders, you order the item
from your supplier, and they ship the item to your customer. You
get to keep the profit which is left over from the supplier.

The best part of this all is that you didn't have to touch the
item, spend time manually packing it up, or worrying about
getting it shipped off to your customer. This the power of
eCommerce. If you know how to leverage certain technologies you
can build a website with ease in the matter of a weekend.

Online Store  

Module #1 - Getting Started
Module #2 - Choosing Your Niche
Module #3 - Finding Suppliers & Sourcing Products To Sell
Module #4 - Wordpress Setup
Module #5 - Configure Wordpress
Module #6 - Install WooCommerce
Module #7 - Configure WooCommerce
Module #8 - Adding Products To Your Store
Module #9 - Top Ecommerce Traffic Strategies
Module #10 - Processing Orders

If you could build an eCommerce site that makes you an extra
$1,000 per month, that is an extra $12,000 in the next year! I
am sure you would say this is pretty valuable! What if you
followed this training, and grew this website into an asset you
sell for 5, even 6 figures in the next 4 or 5 years?

Get the full low-down on setting up your own successful
eCommerce store using WordPress...

Online Store 


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