Freebie List Converter

Freebie List Converter

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Freebie List Converter

About Product


Fact is, it’s getting harder and harder
to sell to freebie lists than it used
to be just years ago, but you can still
utilize them if done correctly.

So how do you know if the valuable time
that you are investing into the
giveaway event is actually going to
produce a high converting list, or
worse, a low converting list?

One major factor is where your
subscribers come from.

If your list comes from a traffic
source where they know little about
you, then you will lose out on
conversions and set yourself up for

But if your list is recommended by
another list owner, then your
subscribers tend to be higher

It’s like a friend recommending another
friend to check you out. And that’s
where the power of give-aways can come

Freebie List Converter

With Freebie List Converter you'll
discover how to build your list using
give-away events and convert them into
long term trusting buyers.

Here's a taster of what's inside...

Module #1: Introduction To The System

You’ll be given a quick overview of the
video series as a whole, given a list
of tools you need to get started, and
shown how the system will work.

Module #2: Building A High Converting
Freebie List

When done right this specific strategy
will help you build more responsive
list faster than ever by ensuring the
traffic that comes to you is of high

Module #3: Building A Buyers List Old
School Style

Discover how to build a buyer’s list by
organizing giveaways that consist of a
group of list owners joining together
to bundle their products together.

Module #4: Building A Buyers List
Advance Stategy

This strategy creates a giveaway that
is consistent and ongoing. The
advantage is that it generates buyers
on a consistent basis and is a win-win
situation for all list and product
owners involved in the giveaway.

Module #5: What To Do When You Don't
Have A List

Discover several strategies you can use
right away to create a product fast,
simply by leveraging the list owner
participants involved.

Module #6: Sourcing List Owners To Get

Learn how to find list owners to
participate in your giveaways. The key
is not to just choose anyone, but to
choose the right list owners in the
same niche.

Module #7: Creating Win-Win Situations
To Increase Participation

Now the question is how do you get the
list owners to jump on board? You'll be
shown how to increase those 'Yes's' by
helping to create a win-win situation
for all participants.

List building is an on-going process.
There isn't a point where you just
'stop' and say I'm done.

Even the most experienced marketers use
as many methods as they can to build
their list on a daily basis.

List building using give-away events
still works and can be highly lucrative
when done correctly.

Get the full details here...

Freebie List Converter


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