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Foreclosure Cleaning BusinessForeclosure Cleaning Business

Foreclosure Cleaning Business

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Foreclosure Cleaning Business

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Inside The eBook, You Will Get First Hand Information On A Real And Long-Term Business. You Will Learn The Things That You Need To Prepare In Starting Your Cleaning Business, As Well As The Skills You Need To Have. Profit From Cleaning Out Foreclosures Will Be A Useful Resource.




As a bonus, We are going to give you a another book: $100k worth of the biggest Money Making secrets ever revealed by Jeff Gardner!! A $40 value!

Frequently asked Questions: 

Q: Do i need a contractors license to clean foreclosures?

A: No you do not. You do not need a contractors license to clean out normal garbage and to sweep, mop and/or cut grass.

Q: I heard this was an expensive business to be in, is this true?

A: No it is not true. For the homes we clean we only purchase cleaning supplies which usually last for 10 or more homes, air fresheners that we purchase at the dollar stores and our state requires 2 battery smoke detectors in each home, our cost is less than $30 per house.

Q: Is it hard to get work cleaning out foreclosed homes?

A: It is not if you know who to contact, there are companies that hand out thousands of work orders everyday.

Q: Do you have to handle hazardous materials?

A: No we don't. If there is anything hazardous then we call a company who specializes in the hazard and get a bid from them and then add our percentage to bid to the bank, we make money without touching anything hazardous.

Q: Can i make money without doing the work?

A: Of course you can. We take on A LOT of jobs and we sub a lot out. There are a lot of jobs where we make 1k to 2k without doing anything besides subbing out the work.

Q:  Why is your guide only $37 and others are a lot higher?

A: We are currently in the business ourselves and make plenty of profit doing the homes. We aren't trying to get rich from selling a book about a business that we don't do. There is plenty of work for everyone and we want to help those that need work due to the slow down in the economy.

Q:  What kind of group do you have that we can join?

A: it is a group of other who clean foreclosures and we share ideas, tips and secrets about what we have learned along the way. We have people in the group (including myself) who have been doing this for awhile and can teach you how to profit as much as you can from these homes and answer any questions you have about the work.


Update: 2021-03-01

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