100pcs PH 4.5 9.0 Two Color Saliva Slaver For Urine Pregnancy Test Paper Durable

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100pcs PH 4.5 9.0 Two Color Saliva Slaver For Urine Pregnancy Test Paper Durable - Condition: New


Brand Name: HELTC
Display Type: Analog
With Backlight Or Not: No
Model Number: PH Meters 
Condition: New 

Product Description 

1 box =100 strip, test range 4.5-9.0
Precision PH test paper use method: test liquid ready, take out a test paper, the 2 color blocks all immersed in the liquid, after 1 seconds to take out, in contrast to the color of the color reading value in 30 seconds.
Measurement of human body constitution: it is recommended to use morning urine test, the PH test paper will be immersed in the urine of the color, immediately after the wet out and color contrast reading. Recommended continuous test 7 days after the result is the same physical pH value.
Method of measuring vaginal fluid: use cotton swabs to take the vaginal wall secretions, wipe the secretion of the PH test paper on the block, and then contrast color card reading.
Measurement of amniotic fluid method: cotton swab with vaginal fluid to the PH test paper on the color, contrast color card. If the pH value is greater than 7 may be amniotic fluid, because the vagina during pregnancy is generally weak acid, about 4.5-5. Suitable for late pregnancy, a large number of broken water.
When PH is less than 7, the liquid is acidic.
When PH is equal to 7, the liquid is neutral.
When PH is greater than 7, the liquid is alkaline.
Test paper is PH=6, when the liquid PH is 6, the test paper is completely non color.
Acidity of the three acid definition method
The blood pH, urine pH, pH of saliva (three yuan) are lower than the values of human body (so called acidic acidic and not the entire human tissue is acidic)!
After testing, if the body blood pH value of less than 7.4, urine pH value of less than 5.5, saliva pH value of less than 7 that can be judged as acidic.

Conclusion: acidic constitution is very harmful to human body.
[Ph] pH
Modern medicine has put forward the theory of acid-base.
The pH of the body pH is different from other objects, the various organs of the body, blood and body fluids of different health (pH value):
- blood PH value between 7.35~7.45, less than 7.4 began to deviate from the pH value of health. Less than 7.35 can cause acid poisoning.
- human urine PH value around 6, below this value is acidic urine. For example, the urine of patients with gout in general pH value between 4.4~5.0, the individual will be less than 4.4.
- human skin PH value is generally about 6, higher than this value will reduce the skin resistance.
Female vaginal PH value should be less than 4.5, higher than this value is easily infected with bacteria. More than 5.5 can be sure that there is inflammation.
And the solution of human gastric PH value between 1~3.
- human saliva PH value is about 7.

Packing List: 
100pcs strip pH test paper

Packaging Details 
Unit Type: Pack
Package Weight: 0.054kg (0.12lb.)
Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)


Update: 2019-07-21

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