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10 Pounds in 10 Days

10 Pounds in 10 Days: The Secret Celebrity Program for Losing Weight Fast

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10 Pounds in 10 Days: The Secret Celebrity Program for Losing Weight Fast

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10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS, reveals a program that your body will love and you will want to commit to for a lifetime. Rooted in our principles of fitness, this plan will give you a nutrient-rich, all-natural diet to jump-start your metabolism and rev up the fat burning; exercises to tone and sculpt your body to perfection; and the encouragement to turn your self-loathing into self-loving. Our powerful 10 x 10 program will help you achieve your best body and the happiest you. Discover how to:

  • DROP POUNDS RAPIDLY: Three simple 10-day eating plans and workouts-for a full 30 days of fat burning and toning
  • EAT TO LOSE: Discover the superstar foods that encourage fat loss, satisfy cravings, and recharge your metabolism
  • BURN FAT FAST: Specific high-intensity workouts that combine cardio-acceleration and resistance training to maximize burn and give ultimate tone in the fastest time possible
  • KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF: The secret strategy for changing your set point so the pounds stay off permanently.
Research-backed and client-proven, this program works! You'll feel better, eat healthier, exercise more efficiently, and above all, you'll lose up to 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!

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