The Beginners Guide to Stylist Marketing

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Are you passionate about helping a person look their very best? Do you enjoy seeing someone walk away satisfied and more confident because of your services? You want to be successful and make a lot of money right?

Success as a stylist is relative. It may mean more clients, more money, or status or all of the above. Whatever is most important to you, I am sure you would agree that it’s hard to attain.

I have a confession to make. In the past I believed that the success of being a stylist was all about your skills and education. If you learned the right techniques at the right time, and worked hard, then you would automatically become successful right?

In fact, our research has shown that skills account for a lot less than people actually think. Competition has gotten fierce, information is now readily available on the Internet and being great at what you do is now the standard. People expect you to be qualified.

Over the years at Lead Stylists, we have tested over 65 different marketing strategies and tactics on hair stylists and makeup artists that have worked… and didn’t work. Through our expertise and findings, we have used this knowledge to give ourselves an unfair advantage in taking our clients to the next level. Well, we have decided to take all of that information and cram it into our first ebook called,

Learn How Vidal Sasson, Kevyn Aucoin, and Bobby Weiner got clients like Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and the Titanic (the movie).

Includes 2 Proven Templates: "How to Create Your Avatar Customer" and the "8 Questions You Must Answer"

This is everything that you will need to build the foundation in turning you and your business from average to great.

We’ve been in the business…

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