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Did it ever happened to you that your wife or loved ones found questionable stuff on your computer, demanding an explanation? Erase your computer history before it’s not too late!

Information about all the sites that you visited is stored on your computer. Simply clicking on Delete Temporary Internet Files, Delete History or Delete Cookies will not protect your privacy. Every image that you have ever viewed, sent or received over the Internet is stored on your hard drive. Be it personal pictures or confidential business charts, these can be accessed by anyone with basic computer skills. There is a record of every program that you have ever downloaded or used on your hard drive. What you do on your computer should be your business and nobody else’s. The windows "Delete" button and the "Empty Recycle bin" option does NOT delete your files. This just makes it easier for prying eyes to gain access to your sensitive data. Improve the speed of your computer and free valuable space taken by your computer’s history files. Sometimes as much as gigabytes of disk space can be freed up.

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