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MiiContacts is a 2-in-1 Software Application. MiiContacts is a Contact and Passwords Manager for home and office. This Windows desktop application will store all your data locally in a database on your computer. All contact information you enter is stored encrypted to USA goverment standards.

MiiContacts is very simple to use and I feel it requires very little to no training. In fact, my wife started using MiiContacts within a few minutes – it’s that simple to use. MiiContacts can store 1000s of contacts with multiple addresses, phone numbers, emails and much more. The Account Manager helps you keep your online Account login information to all the online websites you are a member of – such as online banks, Facebook, Pintrest, Linked-In, Twitter and any other website you have an account with. It will even track your password history so that you can see what passwords you used previously. This is useful for online banks that require you to not repeat previous passwords.

MiiContacts has a built in Password Manager. You can store all your User Names and Passwords for all your online accounts. It will track all your password history which is useful because some websites such as online banking will not allow you to reuse your previous passwords.

Do you want a simpler way to manage your contact? Does your business have a need to create effective relationships? Do you want access to your contacts on the move? Have you ever wanted to keep extra notes with a contact?

Business solutions are far too often complicated. You need constant access to the web to retrieve your data from the cloud and it takes a software degree to understand all the functions they offer. Using an online contact manager service can make it slow and unintuitive. Sometimes we…

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