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YuVid is an excellent new video player from Steven Washer. Easy to use, power packed, and perhaps most importantly, geared for the future on online video viewing. Plus, it’s a video player from a video creator, producer, and marketer designed to be used for folks just like us! Thanks Steve!

Some players offer only YouTube embeds, some only html5, and some Flash. With Yuvid you can have it all. Manage your videos all in one place.

Browsers today use a wide variety of schemes to show video. Most players cannot keep up with the changes. The best ones use HTML5 with a Flash fallback which, until now, was state-of-the-art.

Yuvid goes beyond this older idea with Double Fallback technology. This not only makes your videos play anywhere on any device. With the press of one button, it makes sure your message stays up and can never be snuffed out!

The Yuvid default player is HTML5, since Flash will soon be a thing of the past. But, if a user’s browser does not support HTML5, we fall back on Flash. But not only Flash.

Get YouTube views when you need them, and with total safety in case YouTube yanks down your video. One click of your mouse and your video is back in business, along with all your embeds, anywhere in the webiverse!

When you own your own space, you always have access to your content. Amazon S3 is often the perfect solution for ultra-cheap hosting. And their fees go down every year!

A wide variety in unlimited colors. Change your skin with one click, without affecting your settings. Built from the ground up for total customization.

Put your redirect or buy now buttons anywhere in the video or even around the video. There are zero…

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