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Yes it’s that easy! In a matter of a few minutes you can have your lead capturing landing page ready to collect leads. If you in a hurry we have you covered.

We have many templates that have been tested and proven. All you need to do is add some of your information and your ready to start promoting. The best part is that we add new templates constantly.

Have you ever bought a "no HTML" program before to help you build lead capturing landing pages only to find out that if you did not know any HTML code or how to upload files to your hosting account that you could not use the software?

With the help of expert software programmers, we spent numerous hours, thousands of dollars, and went through countless revisions in order to create the perfect product for your lead capturing needs. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can successfully use Prime Landing Page.

If I could not find an easy to use and efficient program without all the techie, geeky stuff then I will create my own!

Countelss hours, hundreds of revisions and a few more grey hairs later I finally had exactly what we set out to create…..

An Easy To Use, Lead Generating Program That Anyone Could Set up in Minutes and Start to Generate Leads and Sales!

Thomas was a struggling affiliate marketer with Clickbank and was losing money. He was constantly changing niches to try and make sales…but the niche was not the problem, it was his landing pages.

Thomas’ landing pages were….well pretty bad! He had no knowledge of HTML so he used WordPress but found that by the time he bought the themes, a domain name and hosting he was several hundred dollars in the hole…

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