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Handwriting fonts – Personal Signature Fonts

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Sign your documents directly within your wordprocessor with a personal signature font. Includes up to 12 signatures or short phrases. Ideal for those who frequently need to sign large quantities of correspondence or checks. Easily resize or change the colour of the signature font.

Draw up to 36 doodles on paper and Bingdat will convert your designs to a Dingbat font in just a few minutes. Add a personal touch to scrapbooking and card making with your own embellishments. You can draw whatever you want, teddy bears, spaceships, swirls, shells, animals… limited only by your imagination.

We can create a handwriting font from your print or cursive style. Truetype format for Windows or Mac. Add a personal touch to your typed documents. Perfect for letter writing, journaling, scrapbooks and invitations where a handwritten appearance is preferable.

Preserve your child’s handwriting with their own unique font. Nothing is as precious as a childhood memory so why not order a unique typeface for each of your children. Perfect for "handwritten" invitations to a child’s party. Keep a history of your child’s advance year by year.

Have you or a loved one lost the ability to handwrite due to injury or illness? Fontgod can help you regain a lost skill by using your existing writing samples to create a handwritten typeface based on your personal style. Ideal for those affected by spinal injury, MS, arthritis etc. Also suitable for historical handwriting restoration.

Note from FontGod: Scott works as a professor at a Japanese school where "handwritten" reporting is a requirement. Our service has enabled him to still give his reporting a personalised handwritten appearance but in a fraction of the time.

Note from FontGod: This typeface was based on the handwriting of Pete’s mother Jeri who had sadly passed away several years…

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