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There has never been a better way to redirect your web visitors to the correct pages based on their location, thus matching their region with the offers that are available for them, their own language or their local laws and jurisdiction … until now.

GeoTargeter Pro allows your web visitors to go to any page you like from the same link depending on which country, state or province they are located.

I discovered that a large proportion of my web site visitors were from inappropriate countries to be eligible for the landing pages that they were clicking to. This was reducing ROI, and I knew that if I could just get those people to the right landing pages automatically I could recover all that lost revenue and increase my bottom line significantly.

As I’m based in the U.K most of the business I do tends to be for the U.K. market. But, like most Internet marketers based in the U.K., I discovered quite early that a lot of the traffic I was getting was from the United States. This seemed reasonable enough. After all, we share the same language (kind of) and there are more Americans using the Internet than there are Brits, so it seemed quite natural that a large proportion of my sites’ visitors would be from the other side of the Atlantic.

I run several financial websites. Financial services tend to be geo-specific. If you live in the U.K you can’t (usually) take out a loan or a credit card or an insurance policy in the U.S. or France or any other country, for that matter, apart from the U.K. That meant that the program I was promoting was not eligible to the majority of my site visitors, as…

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