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Most of the people who try to make money on the Internet fail because they never take action. Since I started with Digital Marketing (more than 4 years ago), the Big Problem was: “I can’t take action”; I spent many years not being able to take any action and implementing everything. I read about the products I was buying; I hesitated and I would never “figure out what it was”. I have bought a big amount of digital products, always hoping to find that magical software that will make me make money with the click of a button; unfortunately that program does not exist.

To earn money online, it is necessary to work a lot and be consistent; there is no need to give up everything on the first failure; therefore I warn you now: if you are not willing to work hard and be consistent then, the method I am presenting ahead is not for you. However, if you are willing to take action with the goal of making money on the Internet, I assure you that if you follow the indicated steps in this method; you will see the first results in a short time.

I am sure that in this moment you are thinking: “I know nothing about the Internet”, “I cannot take action”, “It is very difficult”, “I cannot do it”, “I have no prospect lists”, “Would it take me too much time to make the first sales?”, “How do I pay for Web traffic?”.

EarnGo is based on an amazing platform and totally free; Google Hangout on Air. Hangout is amazing! That is why Steven Spielberg used it to launch his last movie! That is why the United States president used it recently to speak live with hundreds of thousands of people! Google Hangout…

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