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Years of work, continuous changes and focus on delivering return on investment, these are the most comprehensive, money making scripts you’ll get the chance to own.

Buy now for a one-time, small fee of $99.99 you’ll get receive the best of the best scripts. Here they are listed below;

Quite possibly the only script that you’re ever likely to need. The script calculates the minimum bid required to achieve a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) that you select for all AdGroups with the same label. Don’t want to have to adjust each keyword bid every second of every day? Then let this script take away the leg work of account optimisation.

Allow this script to pause keywords that have not met certain performance criteria. If keywords are not making you any money, then this script will pause them every day.

This script painstakingly trawls through the search query reports (SQRs) within your account(s) and suggests keywords to be included in your accounts based on the number of conversions they’ve had. Keywords are going to be much cheaper and much more likely to convert if added into an account on exact match. Here’s how to find the ones that convert that you might be missing.

A script that allows you to define the ROI (return on investment) you want to achieve across all devices, as per your target CPA. Allow this script to bid manage automatically across all devices.

Now you can specify what return on investment and target CPA you want to achieve across the display campaigns you’re running within the Google Display Network (GDN).

After purchase you’ll get a download link, so please make sure to check your junk folder! it’ll arrive straight away after purchase.

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NB: The product must be available and on sale at store and not on a 3rd party site.

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