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ScrollBar Styler 5.5 Colored & Flashing Scrollbars For Your Page

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"This is the coolest gadget I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s a snap to get working and the creative possibilities are — no kidding! — literally endless. Bravo, CodeBrain, Bravo!" – Elmer Horvath FlashBanger.com

Now you can make image roll-overs with a single, easy button push. Fill in a few simple details, and hit the Make Code button — and your image roll-over pops up in a real IE test window so you can try it out and test it. Hit the Copy Code button to put the code in your clipboard, then paste it into your page where you want the roll-over to appear. Bang… done. It couldn’t be simpler!

Titlebar text is settable, and also remains the same, regardless of the page displayed. .

Link Cloaker is a quick and easy way to encrypt your html links and protect them from prying eyes. For general purpose use, image sites, or captive pages where you want a message to show in the browser status bar rather than the link address — Link Cloaker also makes the code for those slick status bar rollovers. Great for use…

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