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GoogleSplash (Note: This script will be sent to you only after 90 days of purchase of the Suite)

WAIT! How about 7 Free Scripts? Plus Free Online Tools? Plus Free Software?

Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script, sold for $59 else where on the web – when you subscribe to Scripts-n-Software, our free newsletter

The rest of the site has been left as is for the purposes of archiving. Please do not purchase any scripts from this site. Instead, please check out our other two web sites at and, WordPress plugins for marketers

All of the most frequently used PHP and JavaScript scripts packaged into one convenient box*

If you sell through ClickBank or Paypal, you’ve come to the site that originally created the first ClickBank Download Protector script!

The applications are great. They are exactly what I was looking for. You suite saves me a lot of time since I don’t have to worry about writing code from scratch, and there is virtually no debugging. Simply change a URL here and a file name there. Genius!

I also want to compliment you on your incredible level of service. I have been amazed to find my emails answered within minutes in most cases. And not by an autoresponder! But by a live person.

Sincerely, Allen Weber A More Than Satisfied Client of WebmasterInABox"

WebmasterInABox is a tool-kit full of ready-to-use, Copy-and-Paste PHP and Javascript scripts, that anyone – even those who have absolutely no programming or designing skills at all – can use to create an interactive, user-friendly, information-on-demand web site, that does a lot more than just sit there looking pretty. See below for a complete list of all available scripts.


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NB: The product must be available and on sale at store and not on a 3rd party site.

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