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Click Cutter – Copy paste tool – automatic online search tool.

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The tool is designed for those who find that performing basic operations such as copying, pasting or online searching takes more time than desired and involves too many efforts.

If you are one of those people then keep reading this message very carefully because you may find a very effective solution to some of your problems.

With this tool you’ll be able to perform your daily tasks much quicker and with much less effort.

We all perform many actions on a computer with mouse buttons clicks. It comes so naturally for many of us that we have not even thought about what it takes to make a single click with a mouse.

One mouse click does not seem to be a big deal but when you do it over and over again all those clicks translate to a lot of work.

Have you ever calculated how many left and right buttons clicks on your mouse you have to make to perform a simple computer command such as Copy or Paste?

A couple of clicks and few seconds, not a big deal, right? Let’s say you make 100 copies and pastes a day, it translates to 400 clicks and 400 seconds (almost 7 minutes) which is a lot of efforts and time spent on such small things. Now it may look like a big deal.

Another very common computer task is searching online. If you do searches online (especially with contextual search) then you know that the majority of those search tasks involve Copy and Paste commands combined with clicking on the action command buttons (e.g. Search or Go).

On average, with contextual search from the point when you copy a text you want to search to the point where you actually get to the actual content you were looking…

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