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There’s just sometimes when WordPress just won’t do what you need, and other HTML editors are too expensive and too complicated

If you can use a word processor, you can build great looking webpages and websites the quick and easy way using the world’s easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML editor…

"In Just Minutes You Can Be Building Great Looking Webpages And Put Them On The Internet Using The Easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML Editor That Looks, Acts, and Works Just Like A Word Processor!"

Forget about those expensive WYSIWYG web design packages from the BIG guys, they’re too cumbersome and confusing to use

We designed 123 WysiWyg for people just like you who want to make great looking webpages… the quick and easy… the 123 WysiWyg way!

Any time I open a new software product I always anticipate that "what do I do now" phobia. However, with your product I was up and running right out of the gate. It was as easy as typing a simple e-mail.

I wish it had been around years ago when I struggled learning the basics on the two most popular programs. Those programs are so complex that I had to buy several books and actually attended several other classes to learn how to use them.

With your program it’s as easy as using any simple Word Processor. I am impressed! Anybody can be up and running in no time! Anything that simplifies my life is a good thing and I know that I will be using your product to build hundreds of new pages for my websites. Congratulations on creating another great product!

RE: Breakthrough in HTML web design finally makes it easy to make great looking webpages and websites

I’ve got to tell…

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