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I never studied anything health or baby related in school. And, in fact, the only thing I consider myself an “expert” about is…

The first year after my son was born, he was a GREAT sleeper. He slept all the time! We had no problems getting him to take naps and we had no problems getting him to sleep at night.

Not sleeping affected his behavior and his mood.  He had a diminished appetite, was constantly cranky, and would throw a window-rattling tantrum at the drop of a hat.

I, too, was always exhausted, moody and easily agitated.  (And you know the old saying… when mommy ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!)

I read about studies from prominent Universities and trusted organizations like the National Sleep Foundation that showed how lack of sleep can definitely inhibit a child’s ability to grow and develop to their full potential.

Studies have found that mothers of babies and toddlers with sleep problems are at higher risk of depression. And a mother suffering from depression may not be able to be emotionally available, sensitive, and responsive to her child, day in and day out.

Plus, lack of sleep for the mother can lead to accidents, serious health problems, lack of sex drive, premature aging, forgetfulness, weight gain, impaired judgement and an increased risk of death!

So I asked my friends if they had any suggestions or advice on how I could get my son to stay asleep.

I was told to try sleep sound machines, baby massage, baby sleep cds, “crying it out”, using a sleep schedule, a bedtime routine, and even a few popular baby sleep books from

At one point I even went to our Pediatrician. She told me that “it’s just a phase and your son will eventually…

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