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What used to be pain on waking up, headaches and pain throughout the day, clicking and locking sporadically and overall discomfort is now what I used to hope normal felt like… I can’t begin to express how great life without jaw pain is. – Chelane P.

"I remember back when I was in High School (in 1979), when I chewed my food, my family could hear my jaw clicking and popping from across the room.

At that time living with my single mother (who had TMJ) and 2 siblings with only 260 dollars per month, we just didn’t have the resources to go to specialists to treat my TMJ problem.

Then in College when I played football, I would put on my helmet and snap the chin strap on, my jaw would lock up.

And it has been my passion since! I absolutely love treating TMJ, because it is one of the rare jobs where I’ll see a person in pain one day, and they come back in my office with a big smile on their face because the pain is gone…

In Dental School, I went through TMJ therapy, and it was so amazing to see and to feel the difference, or what Normal felt like again.

When I started my private TMJ practice after graduating, I continued to seek further knowledge with the myriad of causes of TMJ.

So, I traveled to the four corners of our country just to hear different and new treatments and philosophies how other clinicians are using to treat TMJ.

As I treated my own patients for TMJ, it took about 3 years to settle on the principles that I see as the right philosophies to treat TMJ.

What they taught in Dental School was not the primary cause of TMJ, so it took…

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