The Tomato Sauce Cookbook – My Weight Loss Dream

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Along with a lack of exercise and quitting smoking I became obese. And then over a six year period my weight went up and down and it went from being strict while on a diet to not being the rest of the time.

But what I had failed to learn was the difference between losing weight through healthy eating and being too strict that my body would cave in whenever a craving passed my body. What I wanted to achieve was a recipe ebook that was based on what we eat most days and cooking without high quantities of fat. I also wanted the recipes to not be complicated and could be done on an evening after a long day at work.

When I look back at all the takeaways that I used to eat the truth is that I never really liked them, I just ate them because I didn’t feel like I had the time to do home cooking justice – something I have since learnt is simply not true. 

We now eat a lot healthier and apart from a trip to McDonalds or to the Chinese Buffet once a month, we cook everything we eat from scratch. Our skin is much better, we have lost more than eight stone in weight between us and we have the energy we have once longed for.

Before I launch into talking about what recipes are included in this ebook, I feel like I should tell you more about my tomato sauce. Well the tomato sauce is so tasty that every month we visit the local cash & carry and bulk buy tomato sauce ingredients.

We get our tasty fresh tomatoes by the box load and set to work. With the focus being on lots of portions for the freezer so that…

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