The Complete Guide to Creative Thinking

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The ability to think creatively and use your creative imagination to come up with original, new ideas and innovative strategies is the secret of success in everything you aim to achieve in life.

NOW AVAILABLE "The complete Guide to Creative Thinking" This comprehensive creative power course, divided into fifteen detailed instruction modules, reveals dozens of effective techniques and unusual ways to develop your creative imagination and reach your goals in life.

Creative imagination is the ability to form images of situations or conditions you’ve never actually experienced, but which you are able to visualize quite clearly.

It’s a mental faculty and an important life skill. But it’s a skill some people have developed to a remarkable degree while others seem to have neglected completely.

Creative imagination is a distinguishing feature of all inventors, original artists, successful movie directors, creative writers, highly successful business people and visionary leaders in every field.

If you examine the lives of famous people who have achieved notable success in their field and made their mark in life, you’ll discover they managed to do so because of the methods they used to achieve their goals. They were more original and innovative than their competitors.

There are some who mistakenly believe creative imagination is an inherited quality, like musical ability, that one is fortunate to be born with. They envy others who have distinguished themselves and made their mark in life and believe their success is due to this rare gift.

But this is certainly not the case. Creative imagination is a skill. Like every skill it can be developed with instruction and training.

If, in spite of your determination to succeed and your hard work, you haven’t been as successful in your career as you wanted to be, have you any idea why this has happened…

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