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The Magic Of Lasting Longer – Stop Premature Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed

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Hi Crid. I know you won’t beleive this. Crid i invited my girlfriend over to my place today. I made her lie to her parents that she would spend a night at a friend’s place. As i’m writing you this she is by my side. I totally agree with you Crid when you talk of over visualisation. Unlike what i sometimes do, today i wasn’t overvisualising. I was myself. Like you said, i put my mind off what i was doing. I was acting as if i don’t want to. The first time it didn’t last me a minute. But the second time i tell you it was a miracle. I had set the stop watch on my phone. Whilst i was thrusting i was also counting the seconds in my mind. Each time i felt like cumming i was pretending that my phone had received a message. Crid i lasted exactly 5 min 20 sec. This is my record ever. Thanks to your tips. Now i know that i’m a man and i’m gonna last more than that next time. Great time Crid Mchim

Crid, I can’t express my delight after reading your book. I lasted a FULL 15 MIN with my girlfriend just now. I can’t thank you enough? You’ve changed my life forever. Unbelivable! Thank you!!!!!!!! John Chang, Cape Town, South Africa

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