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Jordan taught me how to manage and track my protein, fat, and carb intake, which paired with the right workout regimen; this has helped me lose the 15 pounds in a mater of just months. 

I have more energy and confidence. I even dropped from a size 6 to a size 2! I actually look forward to my training days and have full confidence in the weight room to what use to feel overwhelming and intimidating.”

Jorden’s approach to strength training is not only practical, but it works! Not only did I get stronger, but I lost fat at the same time! Have never seriously strength-trained before, I was shocked at the results, not only physically, but mentally as well. I gained confidence in myself and my abilities, and was no longer intimidated walking into the weight room on my own!"

Do you want a workout program that produces results, and doesn’t leave you feeling lost or intimidated in the gym?

Well throw away the pink dumbbells, and get ready to discover the sexiest, most confident, best version of yourself with Strong. Sexy. Powerful. Fat Loss.

The unfortunate truth is, we in the fitness industry have failed women. For too long we’ve exacerbated the myth that you are delicate flowers, that belong in the cardio room, and should never lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for fear of becoming manly.

In my time working with clients over the past few year, I’ve noticed both men and women want many of the same things. The want to…

So if men and women have many of the same goals, why should they approach them in two completely different ways? If a man and a woman both wanted to run a sub 5-minute mile, you wouldn’t tell…

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