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Personal Trainers How Can You Claim back your spare time and keep your clients for way longer? ​Click the short video and read on!

And that’s how it started. Sarah chuckling that ‘You must be the least-profitable personal trainer in the world, the amount of time you spend on each of your clients!’. I was sitting at my laptop in my study, up late, pouring over my client record notes and coming up with interesting, varied, fun and effective workouts for my clients for the week ahead.

But I Knew Something She Didn’t I knew that finding regular, consistent clients is tough. And it can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing – and you know there’s a whole industry built on it. So as well as becoming mega-educated on all things marketing, I decided to become super-focused on giving my clients the best, most effective, imaginative and fun workouts they could ever get from any trainer. And to keep on doing that week after week after week. Then a great friend of mine, Emma from FitForIt Personal Training (, told me that she knew trainers who would love to receive workouts for their clients to their desktops every week for the week ahead – workouts that are proven to hold onto clients for up to an average of 2 years retention, or churn (and beyond), that will differentiate them from the other trainers out there. And most importantly, get some time back on their Sunday to spend with family, friends – or just recharging their own batteries – instead of ‘guessing’ what’s going to work! I explained to Emma that I’d spend hours on a Sunday, time put aside to spend with my family, learning and tweaking and writing the most wonderful workouts. And I…

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