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"You cannot find a better speed training program than Ultimate Speed Development. The program, book, videos and price make this an unbeatable combination. If you want to get faster, get this program NOW!"

"In Speed & Agility Revolution, Jim has organized, structured and formatted one of the finest resources ever put into print on the subject. My advice: Get a copy of this book and get busy making your athletes faster and more agile."

"This is an absolute MUST for any coach, trainer or athlete looking to improve speed and athleticism. It is no-nonsense. All business. A MUST."

"I’ve seen Jim develop athletes, and he really understands what it takes to improve speed. This book presents some of his complex speed training concepts in a way that anyone can understand and use."

"In my quest to improve my athletes’ speed & agility, I have read the works of many authors from the likes of Cook, Boyle, Verstegen and Check to Zatsiorski, Chu, Siff and Yessis. Nowhere have a found such practical and easy to apply information on the fundamental underpinning principles of movement and change of direction. Jim Kielbaso has identified what great players do naturally and created a speed training system that teaches anyone to move like the pros."

"Ultimate Speed Development is the most complete and useful speed training program I have ever seen. Don’t waste any more time, energy or money on anything else. This information is easily worth thousans of dollars. The program is a steal."

"This is the most complete guide to teaching and improving speed and agility that I have found. If you are a coach or athlete, beginner or elite, Jim Kielbaso’s attention to detail and coaching tips provide a solid foundation for you to improve yourself. I utilize many of Jim’s techniques and…

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