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Motivation is a funny thing. It’s here one day, and gone the next. No matter how committed we are in the beginning, our motivation seems to fade over time. Long term lifestyle change is difficult, unless you’re armed with practical strategies to achieve it.

The BML 9 Week Challenge focuses on motivation and habit formation, instead of just exercise or nutrition alone. We’ll support every step of your journey, with workout and meal planning advice, backed up with motivational guidance. This holistic approach to wellness ensures you build a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

You’ll practice quality workouts combined with the best nutrition plan for you, underpinned by consistent motivation which drives life-changing results. By purchasing the BML Fitness program, you will be taking the first step towards a more invigorating life. Your energy levels will increase, your thinking will become more positive and body will beam from the renewed habit’s you have cultivated.

During each phase you’ll receive exercise and nutrition programs, which each build on the previous stage. Every week you’ll also receive a motivation program, challenges, and tips on health, habit building and lifestyle advice. By slowly developing all these aspects over nine weeks, your new healthy lifestyle gets locked in to your everyday routine.

By sticking to the 9 week program, we guarantee you and others around you will notice results. The Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation information you gain from the program should penetrate your daily routine and become embedded in your habitual actions. We are creatures of habit; why not transform those habits into healthy ones!

Paul Stead – Exercise Expert, Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of BML “I believe health and fitness is the foundation to an outstanding lifestyle”

With over 15 years of experience in…

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