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"Knowledge is power,” it’s said…This is the reason why this presentation is essential to be one step ahead of this disease and know what causes the appearance of toenail fungus, how to detect the symptoms and how to stop the potential dominating repercussions.

The biggest advantage you’ll have is the knowledge how to fight nail fungus in perpetuity, not just mask the symptoms.

No matter what you’ve been told by now, it’s not poor hygiene that has brought this “fungus” upon you.

It could even climb to your head and trigger a dangerous brain infection…Deadly meningitis! As if severe headaches, nausea and fear of light aren’t enough, fungal meningitis could seriously alter your mental health.

A lot of people waste a large sum of money on expensive and useless gels, creams and pills hoping for their healing effect. Instead of this, they get short-term symptoms masking, a large dose of chemicals harmful to the human organism, and, what is the worst, various side effects.

So, how do you deal with a highly infectious agent invading your skin and eating away your nails and toes?

Here I am, confiding in you with my story, because I want you to understand that there is a solution.

I’ve been living with nail fungus from my early teens, and I felt stressed every year when summer was knocking on the door.

I was one of those people who loved swimming, as a child I attended swimming competitions and I even won a few of them. You…

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