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If you have been on the losing end of the battle against weight loss for longer than you care to count, you are going to love what’s coming..

I was just like you – blindly following diet experts and trying out numerous ways to lose weight, with very little success to boast about.

All that changed when I had a casual conversation with Brendon over a steaming cup of cappuccino. He helped me see the light at the end of my tunnel of

You find out about a great new diet that is popular among everyone. You feel very sure you will succeed in losing weight and keeping it off this time.

So, the diet begins and all seems great at first. It all looks easy and doable when you read the pages long diet instructions. After a little time, the rules of diet starts to become confusing.

After few days, you start to get busy. Then all the calorie counting, food limitations, portion sizes, ounces etc starts to become too much of work to do.

Even thinking about the next meal makes you feel mentally exhausted. Questions about what food type to eat, calculating maximum calories allowed for the day etc makes the entire diet seem like a big chore you vehemently hate to do.

While going out with friends, the diet would seem too restricting. Your friends enjoy eating their meals while you stab dejectedly at your green salad meal. Finally you break down and start eating regular food. Before you know it, you would have consumed twice the usual amount of food you used to eat before your diet! Then the self-pity marches in, and you feel guilty about your abandoned diet and start feeling terrible about yourself…

No matter how, your diets start to fail…

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