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Dear visitor, let me ask you a simple question: isn’t it time you finally let go of your phone addiction?

In today’s society, we constantly feel the need to stay connected with the people we love. It is no secret that the rise of cellphone usage has made it easier than ever to always keep a digital leash on, and to stay online at all time. The terrible consequence is that many people are now struggling with mobile phone addiction: they simply cannot let go of it.

You’re not the only person who is struggling with phone addiction: the issue is as widespread as ever.

You may have read about phone addiction online and found out that some people try to take control of their addiction by themselves. What they fail to understand is that it’s possibly the worst decision they can take for several reasons:

Your time is valuable: you should focus on what’s absolutely essential: getting rid of your phone addiction. If you spend your time on researching information about phone addiction, you’re not really taking action.

Contradicting information: you can find a lot of articles about phone addiction online. But you will stumble upon plenty of contradicting or even misleading information that will undermine your efforts.

Technical jargon: you will realize that most of the valuable information about phone addiction is composed of technical scientific papers. While these are great for science, these will not help you handle your actual issue.

Alarming negativity: you will read numerous news articles spreading fear about phone addiction. They list all the psychological and social issues caused by phone addiction. But beyond basic reporting, they give no solution.

We are convinced that something better is possible in phone addiction treatment. Getting rid of your addiction is serious stuff, but it doesn’t…

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