No More Cankles

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"…I was searching for a doctor in my area that would do it [ankle liposuction] and it was then that I stumbled across an article talking about Sahara’s home method…"

"…I literally had tried everything before coming across her site and I can honestly say that I didn’t hold out much hope…"

Media outlets have referred to them as “The new muffin top”, “Even worse than thunder thighs”. They even said that they are “Ten times less attractive than tramp stamps”.

And if you’re reading this right now, then it’s likely that you’re also suffering from swollen ankles (or cankles, as the media have christened them) and would like to wave goodbye to them, once and for all so that you no longer have to worry about other people are looking at your ankles, pick and choose clothing to ‘hide’ your ankles struggle to fit into your favourite shoes and boots…

Well the good news is, your dream of living cankle free is a very real possibility. Anyone that tells you ‘surgery is the only way’ is lying to you…

My name is Sahara and I’m a former cankles sufferer. For many years I battled with inner demons and rock bottom self esteem simply because of my swollen calves or cankles. At just 28 years old, rather than being outgoing and comfortable in my own skin, I was constantly paranoid that people were staring at me, judging me because my ankles didn’t match with the rest of my body…

Whenever I could, I would avoid going out wearing anything that exposed my cankles to the world. I always packed my cankles into my boots to hide them from prying eyes. I even wore my boots when they were not really appropriate with the outfit that I was wearing…

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