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New Man Revolution was the missing part of my hygiene routine. I had no idea that a natural solution to my body wash and hair care could make such a big difference! I’m genuinely excited to use the shampoo purely because of the way it makes me feel afterwards. I can’t recommend this product enough!

My favorite is Basecamp body wash…it’s wonderful! It’s unlike any other men’s products i’ve ever smelled. It isn’t pungent or trying too hard….it just makes my boyfriend smell sexy and masculine.

NMR has distilled the essence of what a Man’s product should be-nature’s finest ingredients in bold and perfect proportions. The scent of Basecamp & Going Commando got my attention but the bold shower experience was the hook. Most importantly, my girl gets excited by the smell.

The revolution began in 2014 when Ryan realized that the products he had used his whole life were packed with chemicals and other harmful ingredients. After returning from a combat deployment, and fueled by a desire to be more aware of his health, Ryan started formulating NMR’s natural products. After his own transformation, Ryan wanted to share the same knowledge with others. Dale and Eric joined the team and together the three have sparked a revolution by creating craft men’s products that have men’s best interest at heart. NMR believes that a healthy man strengthens his community just as a healthy woman empowers hers. NMR also gives portions of their profit to Veterans organizations and cancer research foundations. Currently, NMR gives 5% of net profit to America’s Vet Dogs. Join the revolution and commit to being in tune with your health and well-being. Are you in?

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