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By the time you finish reading this, you’ll know how to make real progress to overcome emotional eating and reducing stress…

…transforming guilt & helplessness into confidence and success in a matter of weeks instead of years…

Are you always searching the internet for more information and videos filling your mind with information that you never apply?

Do you wish you could go to a social event without worrying about what food will be there and whether or not it will fit within your diet?

Are you concerned that you’ll NEVER be able to just live in a body you love, without constantly thinking about food, exercsie and how it relates to your weight?

If these questions resonate with you then you are NOT alone. There’s literally hundreds of thousands people struggling with emotional eating, guilt around movement, and eleveated stress just like you.

…if you could do all of these things above, wouldn’t you have the life you want in terms of having confidence, the ideal body, and the healthy and easy relationship with food and exercise?

You actually would ENJOY interacting with food and movement because you’d be calm, confident and POWERFUL, and you’d also be completely OK eating chocolate, knowing that you will AUTOMATICALLY STOP when you are full and it will not lead to a never ending binge.

You’d stop beating up on yourself, like yourself a whole lot more…being the kind of person that simply eats food, moves their body, and easily maintains their ideal weight

Mindfulness-Based Weight Reduction Monthly, is an instantly downloadable, monthly online training program that teaches mindful eating, mindful movement and mindfulness-based stress reduction for real weight loss results that last.

Served up in streaming and downloadable video, audio and PDF training that you can…

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