K-Fit 6 Challenge – Re-Shape your body. Upgrade your run.

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This has been an amazing experience! I am down six pounds but most importantly I am stronger and running faster, plus much nutrition is 1000x better! Thanks to Kendrick and Angela. And thanks to this amazing group for all the support!" -Toni, NY (runninglovingliving.com) Weight lost: 6 lbs Fat loss: 5% Inches lost between waist, hip and thighs: 5.5 inches (Total inches lost from body: 7 inches)

"Here’s me and Coach Kendrick at the finish line at the NYC Marathon this year (2015). I participated in the first K-Fit 6 Challenge last year to get me in better shape. I was able to lose 14 lbs and 6.5 inches during the 6 weeks and have seen major improvement in my running. Coach Kendrick is an awesome coach and the Facebook group is so supportive. Can’t tell you the number of days I felt like not doing my workouts…until I saw people on the page posting their daily goals accomplished. Got me moving right away." -Christy.

"This has been an AMAZING challenge as well as a great learning experience! Lost 7 lbs. 4 inches, but most importantly, I am leaner, stronger & faster! Let this fantastic journey not end, but continue! This group has been simply so inspiring! Congratulations everyone on all your hard work and successes! Thank you to you and especially to Coach Kendrick & Angela!" -Terie, HI

The vision was clear. Kendrick Ribeiro was tired of seeing runners get injured and struggle to bounce back to healthy running form. He also noticed a struggle with weight loss among runners; the ones that did lose the weight, also seemed to lose the muscles which impacted negatively on their running. After several years of running specific strength training research, implementation and observation, Kendrick finally came up with…

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