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Product Name: Hormone Trick Melts Fat | Gene X Weight Loss

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Discover The Hidden “Female Hormone Trick” Inside Your Body That Is Key To Melting Your Belly Fat And Increasing Life Expectancy

While At The Same Time Doubling Energy And Enhancing Female Libdio

Body Enhancement Specialist

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

You’ve been lied to for years.

If you believe what you hear in the media, the only reason people gain weight is because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

But recent research now proves that this is only half the story!

See, in actual fact, studies are now showing that your weight has FAR more to do with the timing of your meals.

And the fact is that the timing of your meals has an huge impact your hormones.

You probably know by now that even when you eat healthy and exercise it’s still almost impossible to get the beautiful, slim, sexy body you want and deserve.

Most of us just don’t have the time for spending hours on end at gyms..

And believe me this is perfectly normal, human behavior.

Because It’s NOT What You Eat Or How Much You Exercise That Decides If You Stay Slim or Not, It’s Your HORMONES!

Cutting edge scientific research has now proven that people can eat most of their favorite foods AND stay slim,toned and beautiful, as long as they do it at certain times of the day.

Because eating these foods strategically will strongly influence the 4 hormones below that really determine your body weight.

These 4 hormones ultimately decide if the calories accumulate on your belly, hips, thighs, arms or…whether those nutrients fuel your brain, your energy or your muscles instead.

See, these powerful metabolic female hormones inside your body act as the decision-making committee when it comes to your body fat levels, energy, libido and cognitive performance.

And the good news is that these hormones can be tweaked to tune up your metabolism, enhance your energy, improve your memory, eradicate cellulite and boost your libido with a unique meal-timing method I’m about to share with you!

It’s the very same method of “timing my meals strategically” that I used at 47 years of age to torch 27 pounds of fat, flatten my belly, balance my hormones and get my love life back!

And this isn’t something anyone’s seen before. In fact here is the only place you can read about this unique timing method; it’s never been revealed anywhere else.

Just before I share it with you, let me give you a quick insight as to why this metabolism-enhancing method is so effective:


Recent studies show that levels of your master female hormone, estrogen, has an enormous impact on the levels of body fat that accumulate around the hips and buns. And in recent years, estrogen levels are currently higher in women than ever before.

This is because new chemicals that most folk are in contact with every day are imitating this essential hormone, causing your body to produce more and more of it.

Most of these chemicals – called xenoestrogens – can be found in plastics, pesticides and herbicides, and even in your female cosmetics such as your make-up, face cream and body lotion!

These can have the effect of slowing your metabolism down, causing weight gain on your hips and butt as well as low libido, dryness and moodiness. Not much fun!

With this unique meal-timing approach you’re about to discover, you’ll be able to control your estrogen levels without breaking into a sweat.


Another key hormone that we absolutely must get under control to stay slim is our insulin which is a hormone that decides whether your body uses glucose from carbohydrates that you eat for energy or to store it as fat instead.

The real issue is that for many people their insulin response isn’t working as well as it should because they eat carbs at the wrong time of day (hint: morning time is NOT when you’re mean to eat carbs).

The result of this habit is that your insulin hormone tells your body to store energy as fat on your body instead of using it as energy for your muscles and brain. You’ll feel tired and you’ll gain weight around your belly, hips and thighs especially.

Using the method you’ll see below your insulin will be fully under control, increasing energy levels and ensuring your glucose gets used for energy for your body and brain instead of being stored on your hips!


Your thyroid gland has a major influence on your metabolism. The hormones that it secretes play a significant part in deciding how much fat your body decides to store.

A sluggish thyroid can cause a multitude of unwelcome symptoms that affect body composition, including unexplained weight gain and muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness.

And sometimes symptoms can push you to make poor food choices at the wrong times of the day!

If you’ve found yourself in front of the fridge at 1am craving something sweet, it might be your thyroid hormone levels that are to blame.

Low levels of thyroid hormone can have knock-on effects to other hormonal processes, which can be reversed as soon as normal levels are restored.

And most of us can restore the thyroid hormone levels by just eating certain foods at the right time of day. That’s all there is too it! And you’ll see below how it works.


Our bodies produce cortisol in response to stressful situations and irregular eating times and this reaction is hard-wired into our bodies as part of our survival instinct.

In the modern world, it can seem normal to be always stressed, busy and overworked. And if your cortisol response is activated too often it can have very negative consequences.

Because if you’re suffering from long-term stress, you’re more prone to storing fat.

Several studies have shown an association between uncontrollable stress and abdominal fat distribution.

One study tested the amount of cortisol secreted by overweight women when put in stressful situations. It found that cortisol secretion is the link between stress and abdominal fat distribution!

Imbalanced Levels Of These 4 Hormones Are The REAL Reason You’re Not Getting The Toned, Beautiful Body You Deserve And Are The Cause Behind Your Brain Fog, Fatigue And Low Libido

Since research revealed the importance of meal timing on female hormones in weight loss, we’ve been working on a nutritional timing and lifestyle system that achieves female body harmony in a matter of days.

It’s a system which so far has helped thousands of women to prime their fat-burning hormones, boost their energy, increase sex drive and even help memory and concentration.

Laser focused research and analysis has shown that the following 4 step protocol below will work for almost any woman, any age, to burn fat, beat cravings, tone up muscles and boost sex drive.

However, there is a catch.

You’ll first need to be sure you’re not making the following 4 metabolic mistakes for this to work.

The fact is that due to outdated nutrition advice from the 1970s, most people are making one of the following monumental mistakes that when it comes to priming these essential female hormones for weight loss.

I know because I’ve been there myself and it took me 8 long years to finally work out why I could never get truly slim.

Even gals with the best of intentions are experiencing metabolic damage due to these mistakes without even realizing it!

So before you start the meal timing system below, PLEASE make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes which can ruin your attempts at slimming:

#1 THYROID DESTROYER: Restrictive Dieting

Look, restrictive dieting isn’t just failing you and millions of others, it’s downright dangerous.

And that includes the latest popular fad: low carb diets.

While avoiding carbs and calories for a couple of weeks will see you lose a few pounds, you’ll eventually start to suffer from fatigue, low energy, impossible sugar cravings and eventual rebound weight gain after a few days or weeks.

Does anybody really want that? Once you start to starve your body or calories and essential carbs, your thyroid drops down to lowest gear,into survival mode and stops burning fat.

#2 INSULIN DISRUPTOR: Eating Carbs Early In The Day

The strangest advice I see in the mainstream media these days is that you must only eat carbs in the mornings or for lunch and never at night in order to lose weight because you can “burn off the excess calories by moving around all day”.

This harmful myth has been circulation for far too long and it’s about time we put an end to it.

Nearly everyone believes this fairy tale but in fact its very existence iscurrently making it much harder for millions to lose weight.

Eating carbs early in the day causes a sharp spike in insulin, up and down blood sugar, uncontrollable cravings, sleepiness and brain fog throughout the rest of the day.

he truth is that your metabolism actually increases at night and when you eat using the carb timing techniques I’m about to share, you’ll be able to essential carbohydrate calories to jack up your metabolism and balance hormones as you sleep!

#3 ESTROGEN DISRUPTOR: Chemical Overload

Most people are unaware that harmful controversial chemicals that are actually banned in some parts of the world are sitting in their bathroom cabinet, on their skin, and in their refrigerators.

We’ve identified several dangerous chemicals below that lurk in people’s homes and offices that are highly toxic to hormones.

Moreover, when these harmful toxins build up in your body they are stored in your fat cells, cause your body to artificially raise your estrogen levels and cause a disruption of the hormone signalling system that regulates your metabolism…

If one or more of these is around you, you’ll be facing an uphill battle to get in shape.

TOXIN #1 – Bisphenol A (BPA)

Possibly the most harmful chemical assaulting your body is Bisphenol A (otherwise known as BPA).

BPA is a synthetic compound that has been used widely in consumer products for more than 55 years.

8 billion pounds of this chemical are used every year in the manufacture of plastics, thermal paper, food and beverage containers, water pipes, toys, medical equipment and more.

Possibly the most harmful chemical assaulting your body is Bisphenol A (otherwise known as BPA).

Men whose mothers are exposed to this chemical during pregnancy are more prone to enlarged prostates and low sperm counts.

Women who are exposed to excessive amounts after puberty stop producing viable eggs.

This deadly family of chemicals is used in plastic products such as children’s pacifiers, toys, water bottles and food packaging in order to make them soft, durable and flexible.

And since Phthalates also absorb odors, you’ll also find them in most scented items such as perfume, household cleaners, soap, shampoo, hairspray and laundry detergent.

Korean scientists recently looked at the urinary Phlalates levels of obese children and found that they were much higher than kids of normal body weight.

Scientists now call them Obesogens.

#4 CORTISOL DISRUPTOR: Adrenal Fatigue

Conventional dieting and exercise advice in the media encourages people to do 3 things which can actually be very harmful for reaching weight loss goals, and these are:

treadmill-fatigueWhat they don’t say is that studies show that all 3 of these methods can increase metabolic stress on the body and raise levels of the cortisol hormone.

And higher levels of cortisol can exhaust your adrenal glands, leaving you feeling burnt out and low. As we said earlier, higher cortisol is also linked to further weight gain.

Think about the last time you were at the gym. How many people were pounding away on the treadmills? And how many of them were actually slim?

It might surprise you to know that research shows that 4 minute workouts are more effective than 60 minute workouts for your estrogen testosterone balance.

So What’s The Solution To Getting These 4 Hormones Synced In Perfect Beautiful Harmony?

Here’s what you DO need instead in order to trigger your key female hormones to triple your metabolic rate:

Laser focused research and analysis has shown that the following 4 step protocol will work for any man or woman, any age, to burn fat, beat cravings, tone up muscles and boost sex drive.

Slimming Protocol 1 – Remove Weight 

You start by removing weight loss blockers from your diet, your environment and your body so you’re primed and honed for rapid fat burning.

Mostly, these are variants of the chemicals we mentioned above that are found in food, cosmetic items and packaging that negatively impact your weight loss and sex hormones.

Our results show this phase is essential before starting any weight loss program for it to be effective.

You’ll be removing the foods from your diet that disrupt your insulin and estrogen levels and replacing them with foods that will flush toxins out of your liver, fat cells and blood, balancing out your hormones in the process.

You’ll also be getting rid of products in your environment that have a proven link to hormonal imbalance and cancer such as BPA, phthalates, parabens and benzene.

In fact once you implement the protocols in this phase you’ll feel a boost of energy and you’ll start to sleep better within 2 to 3 days.

Slimming Protocol 2 – Meal Window Timing

It’s not only awesome to eat tasty delicious carbs every night, we insist that you do it in order to shred fat.

The trick to stay slim and toned is to eat the right type of carbs with your evening meal.

This ensures the glucose your body gets from the food is directed to your muscles and not your fat storage areas such as your belly, hips and thighs.

For ladies this is where muscles tone up and cellulite starts to fade away. Men will notice their muscles becoming harder and stronger.

Remember, you need to eat enough carbs to optimize your fat-burning hormones. Forget what you read in a magazine or saw on TV.

Eating carbs early in the day only results in insulin spikes, sugar crashes and cravings all day long. Eating them at night does not, because you’re asleep.

Once you implement this the result should be easy, smooth weight loss, especially since you’ve already been through phase 1.

And don’t worry, there’s no calorie-counting or restrictive diets here.

Slimming Protocol 3 – Rapid Hormone Priming

Now we move into rapid body improvement and target boosting your hormones for ultra accelerated weight loss and increased energy.

We start to follow a simple protocol to program certain foods at optimal times of day in order to increase our metabolic response.

The result is a hugely positive response from your hormones, which will start to realign themselves.

Both men and women report increased daily energy, mental clarity and memory improvement from phase 3.

At this point you’ll start to see your libido spark up and your muscles tone up.

Men report much higher testosterone levels, powerful libido, feelings of confidence and high motivation to accomplish goals.

Women report toned muscles, the disappearance of cellulite, better memory and self-esteem.

Slimming Protocol 4 – Body Fat Blitz

Now it’s time to hone and trim away the very last of the fat.

You’ll see my rapid weight loss enhancement techniques involving very short exercise routines anyone can do at home in a few minutes.

You’ll never spend hours in any gym or running aimlessly down the street if you follow the process outlined here.

The workout plans go from 4 minutes to just 12 minutes long. You can do these at home to blitz your belly fat and tone up your legs, arms and butt.

And the reason these rapid exercise routines are so effective at literally dissolving fat from your tummy, hips and thighs is because of the timing! This is the only system that uses Metabolic Equilibrium Training to ramp up the metabolic rate 24 hours a day.

Keep reading to find out more…

What Is The System I Need To Burn My Excess Belly Fat Away, Enhance Energy And Get My Hot Body Back?

Metabolic Equilibrium Training™

The Ultimate Rapid Hormone Priming System To Achieve A Slim, Toned Body That Works With Women of Any Age

Metabolic Equilibrium Training™ isn’t another workout plan and is absolutely isn’t a diet of any kind!

Because there’s no diet and almost no working out!

It’s a brand new system that uses food timing windows, short workouts and shortcut techniques to balance hormones.

As you know, science now proves is that it’s not so much what you eat, it’s when you eat certain foods such as carbs, fats and veggies, that determines your hormonal balance and fat distribution.

That means you can keep on eating most of your favorite foods as long as you eat them at certain times of the day.

Just before I show you how it works I want to be sure it’s clear to you what you’ll be getting.

Below are some of the benefits that people following this course have told us they experienced.

This Is How I Discovered This Unique Hormonal Approach To Weight Loss

Several years ago I hit rock bottom, physically and mentally.

It all started when I looked in the mirror one day and noticed that I was losing my girly shape, especially around the middle of my body.

I was actually growing a decent sized belly in an area where I’d never carried much body fat before.

Then I noticed something else…

The back of my legs started to dimple up. I was actually seeing cellulite on the back of my legs just below my bottom for the very first time. And this shocked me because I’d never had a cellulite problem before!

I also started putting on weight in other places, especially around my hips and thighs, so my clothes started feeling tight and uncomfortable. It got to the point where I didn’t even want to dress up and go out with my husband anymore because I didn’t feel good about the way I looked.

And all this happened even though my exercise and eating habits hadn’t changed at all.

But this wasn’t the end of it, because soon after my hair began to feel dry and brittle and my skin started to sag and lose it’s luster. And my love life with my man got even worse than before because sex isn’t a lot of fun when it hurts.

In short, I felt like I was falling apart at the seams.

But all these bad things were a walk in the park compared to the most ugly symptom of all…

Because I had always been a cheerful, upbeat, full of life person and one day I woke up all these things had disappeared, and my body had gone right along with them.

In short, I felt like I was getting old. But I wasn’t ready to be old yet!!!

I still wanted to feel pretty, attractive and sexy, and I was prepared to do almost anything to make this happen.

I Can’t Take Credit For This When My Husband Did All The Hard Work

See my husband Mark is an advanced medical researcher whose work in supplements and their physiological effects is recognized and held in high esteem by peers.

mark-with-wifeAnd after hard research, long nights going through hundreds of studies and tons of trial and error, he eventually found the solutions to my problems and what they related to.

And even if he had to trawl through over 900 different peer-reviewed medical studies outside of his normal working hours it was worth it if only for the improvements in me!

And with the proven nutrition timing system he found I was able to turn my situation around to the point where I feel and look better now than I did 10 years ago.

See, just by eating certain foods at the right times of day I was able to positively balance my female hormones which in turn started to direct nutrients to my brain and muscles instead of storing fat on my belly and hips!

My weight has gone back down, and I actually feel happy again with the way my body looks.

And my love life with my husband is back on track, because my hormones have stabilized. And not only that, my libido has returned.

And best of all, I was able to accomplish all of this without using artificial hormones OR prescription medications.

Which brings me to my friend Beth…

As I was dealing with all of my negative health problems, she was suffering with all the same issues I was.

She had talked about liposuction and the estrogen patch several times, but hadn’t done anything yet.

Then one day, soon after things had started to come together for me, we were sitting by the pool at her house and she looked over and said…

Ruthie, your belly is gone! What happened?

And I told her that all of the things I’d been doing for the last few weeks had finally started to pay off.

And I explained that I had fixed these problems without exercising like a maniac or starving myself, but by balancing my hormones and bringing them back to youthful levels.

Of course, she piped right up and asked if I could help her as well.

So we started Beth on all the same protocols that I had followed to get myself back on track, and all of a sudden she started to lose her belly too.

She also experienced an explosion in energy, her libido went up and just like me, she began to feel much happier about her body and her life.

All in all, Beth lost 34 pounds of fat that she’d carried on her belly, thighs, buns and hips.

Of course, I knew this was going to happen before she did, because when you balance your hormones, your body and your mind come back to life…

Because that’s the way Mother Nature works.

Around my early 30s I started to see weight arrive on my belly first, then around my hips. This kept going until I reached a hefty 200 lbs and at 5 7″ it started to get depressing.

I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach as well as some fat burners. Some of these did work but only for 3-4 months before I quickly got very big again. Once Ruthie convinced me I was hooked.

Easy eating, even eating more food than before. No fussy shopping lists. No silly recipes. Just some simple protocols she set for me and some jumping rope for a few minutes 3 times a week. I can’t believe how I feel when I put a skirt on now. God bless.

Exact same results, and the methods we use have worked every single time when the protocols are followed closely.

Which means that these methods should absolutely work for you too.

And I’ve done all this by simply helping gals focus on their hormones.

Because if you get the balance right, you won’t need to go on any painful diet or crazy workout plan, or take any overpriced fat-burning pills, ever.

See, most diets and even workout plans eventually end up failing because they rarely address the root case of weight loss resistance, which is almost always hormone-related.

I was experiencing all the symptoms of menopause that most women complain of from their 35 years onwards such as:

By focusing on balancing my hormones with the above timing technique I destroyed my belly fat (after 8 years of frustration), hugely enhanced my libido (with the menopause looming) and actually improved my memory and concentration.

I’ve coached many thousands to success by replicating this and while it took me 8 years to perfect a system that actually worked for every woman, young and old, it was easily worth it.

I felt I had to share this same protocol with women around the world who are frustrated with their lack of results, too busy to think about working out.

Women who do NOT enjoy dieting will love this.

So Here’s My Unique Offer To You Today

I’ve transformed my full slimming protocol system into an easy-to-follow and instantly accessible nutrition and exercise program which you can start in just a few minutes from now, only through this website!

You’ll get immediate access to the entire video and ebook system and start to destroy fat cells from tonight with the unique hormone-targeting methods.

You’ll be able to immediately start using the 4 highly focused protocols for:

Making this program directly in digital format available through our website means we cut out the middle man, eliminate shipping costs and pass the savings on to you.

And I’ve included this cutting edge new course on on a series of videos and ebooks that you can get access to right

Introducing The Slimming Protocol

A Unique New Method Of Melting Fat Without ANY Dieting That Tunes Your Powerful Female Hormones And Turns Your Metabolism Into A 24 Hour Fat Cell Obliterating FURNACE

I’m thrilled to be able to finally help as many women as possible get beautiful bodies without the frustration of dieting, without painful boring workouts and without needing to spend huge amounts of time finding expensive foods at the supermarket.

You see, just by focusing on your hormonal balance by tweaking your eating habits, the timing your intake of carbs and avoiding diets, almost any woman can boost her metabolism and burn away the calories from where it matters most.

So far I’ve helped 35,611 women around the world to melt fat from their bodies and I’d truly love to help you too! In fact I’m aiming to help many hundreds of thousands more.

Any woman, no matter her age, can safely follow this system.

I Don’t Care If You’re 250 Pounds Overweight Or 75 Years Of Age, You Have My Word And My Personal Guarantee That You Will See A Fitter, Slimmer Body In The Mirror Once You Follow This Protocol

Just Like Mary And Steph Did

Around my early 30s I started to see weight arrive on my belly first, then around my hips. This kept going until I reached a hefty 200 lbs and at 5 7″ it started to get depressing.

I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach as well as some fat burners. Some of these did work but only for 3-4 months before I quickly got very big again. Once Ruthie convinced me I was hooked.

Easy eating, even eating more food than before. No fussy shopping lists. No silly recipes. Just some simple protocols she set for me and some jumping rope for a few minutes 3 times a week. I can’t believe how I feel when I put a skirt on now. God bless.

I’d just had baby 3 and at 38 years old, I felt as though I was too tired and busy to ever make efforts with my food or do any exercise.

I guess I’m delighted to have tried The Slimming Protocol for women. I’ve dieted before but just like most people, you eventually gain the weightback.

With this it was different, more like when you get slim you stay that way, even when you don’t exercise. And it doesn’t take long, just 3 weeks toshed a good amount of weight. After that you keep going if you want or just stay there. I don’t even feel like I have cravings or like I’m hungry. And my husband wants another baby now!

Here’s Exactly What You GetWhen You Start The Slimming Protocol Program For Women That Blasts Away Unwanted FatWithout Any Dieting

Remember, the essential reason this program is so successful is because it doesn’t involve any dieting and there’s hardly any working out.

And it targets the one area in your body that no other plan does: your hormonal balance.

By simply using “timing windows” to eat certain foods only at certain times, and by working out far less (only 4-10 minutes maximum) again, only at certain times, this scientifically studied sequential method of targeting key female hormones also helps to ramp up the metabolism.

Let me tell you about each part of the plan and how it affects you.

Part 1: Slimming Protocol – Metabolic Nutrition Video Program

With this powerful first part, you’ll have access to our metabolic nutrition advice for shredding weight from all the right places.

Food is one of the cornerstones of your health and it has a huge influence on your well-being.

This informative video explains everything very clearly.

Part 2: Slimming Protocol – Metabolic Equilibrium Workouts

Part 2 is a no-nonsense method to accelerate your results and power up your metabolism using highly effective rapid workout routines.

Part 3: Slimming Protocol – Chemical Free Metabolism

Part 3 is a protocol to help you to live free of the chemicals in your home and environment that may be impacting your hormones and your weight.

The chemicals mentioned earlier are linked to many diseases and health conditions such as high estrogen, low testosterone, cancer, diabetes and more…

This informative video explains everything very clearly.

And This Powerful Course Is Fully Covered In 3 Part Electronic Book Plan That You Can Take With You Anywhere

You’ll feel great once you’ve been through the video program. And this 3 part ebook program will be a huge help to you too.

In the Slimming Protocol Full Program for her, you’ll optimize your female hormones by implementing our nutritional system and lifestyle protocols.

Included with the program

Slimming Protocol Quick Start

The quick start plan is designed so that you can start right away, today, with a series of action points and a timeline to implement the steps one by one.

You’ll be able to refer back to this action plan whenever you need a quick reminder of what you need to be doing.

This informative video explains everything very clearly.

Slimming Protocol Clean Life Blueprint

With the clean life blueprint you’ll be able to free your home and diet from dangerous, hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Once you implement this blueprint, you’ll be able to remove these dangerous items from your house starting today and protecting not only you, but your whole family in the process.

Included with the program

This Protocol Is Based On Science And Every Single Simple Action Is Related To Timing Your Meals And Exercise, Even If…

“I Just Don’t Have The Time”

You’ll have more time than before! Tweaking your nutritional plan involves nothing more than making a few simple choices at the supermarket. There’s no complicated recipe book, no hunting down organic superfoods, no expensive juicer.

Just you and your habits. You’ll probably end up with more time than before with your new energy!

As I said above, there’s no age for this. Most women who have success getting slim and gorgeous with these methods are over 30 and under 80 years old. That’s why.

“I’ve Tried Everything And Nothing Works”

Most people say this when they’re talking about dieting. Nobody likes dieting and according to studies, 95% of diets fail.

You’ll only be spending a few minutes a week working out too. That’s because long workouts are a waste of time.

No wonder dieting didn’t work for you. It hardly works for anyone!

The fact is, nobody has give you this approach before because even though it’s as old as time, it’s new to the public domain. And it’s not your fault.

Taking a hormonal approach to weight loss is not only unique and highly effective but it’s necessary.

In that case this is in my opinion your safest option. You won’t be dieting, only paying attention to the time of day that you eat specific foods. We can’t promise you’ll lose 50 pounds in a week and that’s fine, because losing weight too fast can be dangerous.

Warning: The Slimming Protocol Solution Is Not For Every Girl Out There

Let’s be straight up about this, I can’t help everyone out there. Some women just don’t fit the bill for this program and it won’t help them. Even if there are plenty that qualify, this program isn’t for women who :Are Looking For Some Low-Calorie, Low Carb Starvation Diet

Women constantly on the hunt for the latest low calorie or low carb starvation diet simply won’t make the grade. That’s because this isn’t a diet, it’s a set of easy to follow guidelines that help women with sustainable weight loss.

According to studies, 95% of diets fail and result in long term weight gain. And with those kind of stats you may as well head out to McDonald’s right now.Want A Workout Plan That Takes Up Half Your Free Time

Science is constantly proving that long workouts have hardly any effect on your body. Some of these plans can even result in weight gain by increasing levels of cortisol in your body (hormone that can cause increased abdominal fat) and causing cravings for carbs.

I’ve known many women over the years who actually put on weight when they started working out.Want To Go It Alone And Hope For The Best

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever tried to keep slim on your own it hasn’t worked. That’s why you’re here reading this. Trial and error is like driving to someone’s house without the address and just hoping that maybe you’ll find it somehow.

If you want to try it your own way I sincerely wish you all the best.Want A “Miracle Cure”

We all want miracle cures. I want one, you want one, the girl in the store wants one. Why else would those fat burning pills make so many sales to hopeful women?

I can’t promise you a miracle weight loss solution because they don’t exist. What I can promise is rapid yet sustainable and long term results if you just follow the protocol. There’s nothing more to it!

You WILL See The Weight Come Off In Time

I’m 44 and my body never recovered from having twins 7 years ago. At my worst point I was 185 lbs, stressed out and really low in self-esteem.

When I met Ruthie I was ready to try anything and I got lucky. Ruthie’s training made me happier, sexier and slimmer. I’m at 125 lbs now and I still eat most of my favorite foods. Try this plan for yourself if you’re like I was.

Why Is This Program Available For Such A Low Price?

I considered releasing this protocol as a subscription service on TV or a DVD set. However, this would keep it out of reach for many thousands of women out there.

We wanted to make this available at the lowest price in order to reach every woman out there who needs it. By eliminating the middle man and making it available through this website only, it you can start The Slimming Protocol in minutes at a crazy low cost.

So when you order here you’ll get a special limited discount which won’t be available for long (you’ll see why in a minute) as a special launcher price.

No Pressure – Just Decide Later

If you’re not decided (many women aren’t) yet then relax. Sign up today and I’ll give you 60 days to really decide if you this works for you. If you’re not entirely satisfied you can opt out and not pay a cent. No fitness programs or books you see on TV let you do this. You’ll be safely backed up by my unique triple guarantee.

ANY Woman At ANY Age At ANY Fitness Level Can Do It

After years of working with women just like you I’ve learned this — we’re all starting from very different places – that’s why I’ve made absolutely sure that any woman at any age at any fitness level can get a flat and firm belly with this system.

When you start your Slimming Protocol journey with me you’ll quickly begin to visibly see your belly shrinking week to week. You’ll FINALLY rid yourself of the unwanted fat hanging on to your stomach and love handles while your energy soars and you look and feel years younger.

When you join the Slimming Protocol club you’ll never be alone. I’ll always be by your side and ready to answer any and all questions you might have and help you overcome any challenges you may face along the way.

3 Additional Bonus Programs When You Start – On Me!

I want you to succeed so much with the Slimming Protocol, I’m adding in these 3 awesome bonus programs to make the process a lot easier for you, and to clarify a few home truths about your body!

You won’t spend a dime on these extras.

Bonus 1: Natural Fat Burners For Women

Discover the truth about natural fat burners for women.

Natural Fat Burning HerbsUncover the mysteries of herbs that have been used in Asia and South America for centuries to promote better health, look young and stay slim..

Included with the program

Bonus 2: Ultimate Natural Aphrodisiacs For Women

I’ve lost count of how many women have lost that little pep and spark in their love lives and are literally begging me for advice on how to get it back.

What better way get your body purring again than this complete guide to powerful female aphrodisiacs.

Included with the program

Bonus 3: Female Anti-aging Guide

Even if my full Slimming Protocol program will be helping you get toned, slim and sexy in just a few short weeks, this powerful anti-aging guide will be the icing onthe cake for your skin, get you looking beautiful and radiant once again.

Included with the program

Start Priming Hormones To Melt Your Fat Cells Starting Now

Today you can get instant access to the full 3 part video series, the 3 part ebook series and the special bonuses today for a uniquely priced offer:

I Love Ruthie’s Plan! Slimmer and Better Than In My 20s!

Raquel-Before-AfterRuthie’s program is super easy to follow, doesn’t take any extra time out of your day and makes you feel wonderful! I’m in the best shape of my life, yes even slimmer and better than in my 20s and I’m 43 next year.

After having 2 children it was an uphill fight to get in shape and like most women, nothing I ever tried worked out for me. All my girlfriends had the same situation and were doubly frustrated! Being out of shape can seriously ruin a lot of your life!

Now I feel so much better about my body without even following a single diet. Thanks Ruthie, I’m forever in your debt.

You Can Get Started In Just Minutes From Now

You can start to slim down, protect your home, your body and that of your family’s in just minutes from now.

You may have tried everything and you haven’t yet found the solution.

You may be wondering if this will really work for you.

But if you’re feeling the effects of hormonal change and weight loss resistance then what else can you do?

You’ve no doubt tried weight loss plans and exercise programs before. But what did they do for you? Not one of them directly addresses the hormonal balance in your body..or the slow toxic build up that alters your cellular structure.

If you do nothing, you’ll still be where you are now 6 months down the line..

Frustrated, confused and tired of it all..perhaps you’ll have to spend a fortune on healthcare for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal problems or worse..

Whereas if you get started now you’ll be looking at a slim, toned, firm body in a few weeks from now..

Remember, I got slim in weeks using these easy protocols. Forget about the media mainstream line of calorie-counting and eating too many “bad foods”. Getting slim after 35 is more about timing your meals to optimize your female hormones! Something only us girls have the ability to do.

Trying out this new nutritional timing system is something I can guarantee you’ve never done before. Now’s time you could give it a go because let’s face it, nothing else really works does it?

As well as that remember you’ll be getting 3 bonus programs to help you out. If you’d like to know the truth about using plants to burn fat, detox and improve mood, bonus 1 will help you out. To know about powerful female aphrodisiacs, bonus 2 will be what you need. And the female anti-aging guide will do the rest!

Questions? You’ll Find The Answer Below!

How Can I Be Sure This Will Work? I’ve Tried Everything!

When most people who say they’ve tried everything it means they’ve tried dieting and workout plans.

Well let me tell you once again that dieting is dangerous and ineffective for 93% of people according to studies.

No wonder dieting didn’t work for you. It hardly works for anyone!

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re perfectly normal.

The fact is, nobody has give you this approach before because even though it’s as old as time, it’s new to the public domain.

Taking a hormonal approach to weight loss is not only unique and highly effective but it’s necessary.

As well as this boosting certain hormones is highly pleasurable. You get a pleasant energy boost, extra mental clarity, a wonderful surge in libido and more desire to get stuff done!

Does It Really Work For Women?

Listen, we’ve looked at other solutions out there. Most of them are either a “one size fits all” kind of complicated or restrictive diet program, or they both address men and women.

With The Slimming Protocol System you’ll get access to a specific female plan because we know that the hormonal needs for both sexes are very different.

And that’s why this is so effective at getting women results.

I’m Only A Bit Overweight – Will This Help Shed Those Last Few Pounds?

You have no doubt reached what you think is your weight loss plateau in the time you’ve got.

But I can guarantee you that you can go further than that in less time that you have now.

See, by focusing specifically on your key hormones,you’ll be able to reach the most stubborn pockets of fat and flatten your trouble spots such as the lower abdomen, love handles or arms.

If you feel as though you’ve gone as far as you can, then you absolutely should try this to take it a step further.

Do I Need Equipment For Working Out?

Well, yes you may need a rope to jump over, but that’s optional.

There’s no need for weights, machines or expensive gym memberships because any exercise is done with bodyweight.I’m Probably Too Old For This

Listen, we’ve tested our system on both men and women from age 25 to 79. No joke. And it’s worked for nearly everyone.

In fact, if there’s ever something that stops a system working properly for you, it’s NOT your age. It’ll be something else such as chemical exposure, or certain medical treatments.

Do I Need To Pay A Monthly Fee?

No absolutely not. This is a one time payment for life.

We do not engage in shady billing practices that charge your credit card every month.

This is a one time, single payment to get full access to this system for life.

What If I Try This And Decide It Isn’t For Me?

You have every right to get refunded if this doesn’t work for you. We don’t want your money if that is the case because we’re in this to deliver results.

Click here to get Hormone Trick Melts Fat | Gene X Weight Loss at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Our recomended Hormone Trick Melts Fat | Gene X Weight Loss in weight loss is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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