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                My name is Gabriel and I would like to help you get that attractive body you have always wanted – without losing time, without frustrations and all sorts of other headaches.

   Every day we are bombarded with commercials for miraculous products and ridiculous stories of people who “lost tens of kilograms” by using them. Whether they are in magazines, on TV or we learn them from relatives, these fake promises hide the truth in a sea of conflicting advices and unreal expectations.     Have you ever wondered why you struggled to keep a diet recommended by a star that was very popular at that time for a few weeks and then gaining the same weight in just a matter of days?      

   Have you ever wondered why the device for abs worked so well for the people in the commercials, yet for you it does nothing? Or why you have the same layer of fat on the hips even if you spent a fortune on acai fruits, devices that clean the colon or all sorts of creams which promise to help you get rid of the cellulite?    It’s simple, because they ARE NOT REAL. They are just a pretty commercial. A way through which they will take the money right out of your wallet. Tricks DON’T work. Starving DOESN’T work. Imaginative diets from mundane magazines DON’T work. They are just a visual illusion! … same as the tight underwear that squeezes your waist and your hips, there is no way they can provide you with a long lasting solution and a body you can be proud of. Believe me! I have been in this industry for years and I can tell you, honestly, that NONE of the Hollywood stars and no bikini or fitness model … not even the ones that…

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