Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs

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While you might have thought that herbs and oils were just for cooking, think again. With the help of Mother Nature, you can begin to change the way that you feel as well as how other people feel about you. With simply a few plants and some technical know-how, you can begin to get others to do what you want.

Aphrodisiacs have been around for hundreds of years because they work. And you now can make them work for you. All you need is the training, the tools, and the motivation. Are you ready to learn more about potions that will turn a significant other into someone who wants to please you at every turn?

While it can sometimes seem that modern science isn’t connected its roots in natural healing, this is far from the actual truth. You’ll learn all about this in this detailed and one of a kind book.

While it certainly is easier to just pick up a bottle of an aphrodisiac and use it, this is not the best way to begin your learning. If you want to be able to custom tailor your herbs to your experience, you need to know more than just what they do. In "Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs," you’re going to learn about:

While it might seem that using herbs would be completely safe, this is far from the case. When you are first starting out, it is essential that you use the correct plant and prepare it in the correct way. If you do not, the effects might be less than seductive – and they could even be dangerous.

If you’re been interested in aphrodisiacs for a while, you’ve probably already heard these terms being thrown around. These words refer to the different ways in which the herbs can…

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