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If you’re like most people with geographic tongue, your doctor has probably told you that Geographic Tongue is “benign” and that “no treatment is necessary”…

If your doctor has prescribed anything it may have been something like “Topical Retin-A”, or even dangerous steroids like “Kenalog in Orabase” or “beclomethasone” but that is not a real solution… at best it may have given you a bit of temporary relief.

Unfortunately…all of these options have one thing in common: They only treat your symptoms. They do absolutely nothing to fix the root cause of your tongue problem.

Plus, If your geographic tongue is painful like some people’s… to escape the worst of it, you may have been forced into avoiding foods that inflame your tongue.  When that hasn’t worked you may have talked to a number of different doctors and or dentists in an effort to cure your tongue problem and get some relief from your symptoms (no matter how temporary).

A way that restores your natural God given health and doesn’t  require dangerous drugs or messy foul tasting creams on your tongue…  These powerful options work better than drugs… with zero side effects… and for a fraction of the cost!

And you can do it with your doctors approval! Because there is a way to control and even say good-bye to geographic tongue permanently… and still enjoy all your favorite foods…with a simple, safe plan that requires…

Your doctor has probably never heard of these natural remedies. And Big Pharma and their money-hungry bean counters hope you never hear about these secrets I’ve discovered.

But my goal is to bring you the finest, most up-to-date information possible, not only to eliminate the symptoms of your geographic tongue… but also…

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