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I built this website for people like you because I used to be confused, frustrated and ready to give up. Let’s face it…

Most of the exercises, workouts and diets you see in the mainstream media are WAY TO HARD for normal people! Even worse…

I spent a lot of time, money and energy making a 30-second quiz you can take right now to help you learn the best exercises for your body.

DISCLAIMER: This site provides general information for you to discuss with your physician.  This site does not provide any professional advice or services. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained here are not a substitute for consulting with your physician, and should only be used as part of planning your development of an overall health and fitness plan with your physician. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision.  Our Terms of Service limit our liability to you, and you are required to read and agree to them before using our site.

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NB: The product must be available and on sale at store and not on a 3rd party site.

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