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Nick Tait, a top strength and conditioning coach in Australia says the first question he’s been asked by thousands of his celebrity, pro athlete, and corporate clients is…

Nick’s answer is Sixpack Science — a report that shows you how to use science to see your sixpack for the rest of your life. A recent study rated sixpack abs as the sexiest of all human muscles. Problem is, almost everything we’ve been taught about how to eat and exercise is keeping us fat and killing us slowly. Research suggests you can forget sit-ups, detoxes, and diets — and all due respect to personal trainers and body builders, but there are too many opinions out there for all of them to be right.

Are you getting enough protein? How to keep your body in an anabolic state so you can be constantly repairing and growing new muscle

8 DEADLY OILS found in almost all our foods that may cause cancer, inflammation, and disease — and where as much as 7% of your calories come from but you don’t even know you’re eating it

DETOX DANGERS! Why virtually all detox products are scams and cause you to lose water weight, not body fat. PLUS: the only natural way to cleanse your body

Break-up your workouts into “leg days” and “chest days,” right? WRONG! The absolute fastest way to grow stronger. And what to eat post-workout to enhance the effects of your exercise

A BIG MYTH ABOUT BURNING FAT: Why many infomercial products will never work, sit ups are a waste of time, and ab exercises like crunches make your waist look wider

EMG machines prove this exercise activates more muscles at one time than any other, especially in your abs, and you can do it almost anywhere


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