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Product Name: Fat Fighting Foods: lose weight with the foods that burn fat diet

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Finally! A Complete List Of Which Foods Are Best To Eat For Burning 38% More Body Fat…

Discover The 110 Amazing Fat Fighting Foods… Guaranteed To Melt Stubborn Body Fat!

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If you would like to burn up to 9 pounds of body fat a week, this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Did you know that there are some scientifically proven foods that are known to aid weight loss?  These are foods doctors, scientists, medical researchers and nutritionists know help weight loss. 

In a recent California study, doctors discovered that eating half a grapefruit before meals helped patients reduce their insulin levels for 2 hours after eating.  The patients who ate the grapefruit before meals lost 1.6kg on average, compared to 0.3kg lost by the patients who were not given the grapefruit, making grapefruit 433% more effective at burning fat compared with dieting alone.

Scientists gave one groups of overweight women a whole-wheat protein to eat, and compared results with another group following a standard low calorie diet.  The group who ate the wheat protein lost an average of 5.5kgs during the experiment, while the group who ate the standard low calorie diet lost only 2.8kg, making wholewheat proteins 96% more effective for weight loss.

In a Brazilian study, overweight, non-smokers with high cholesterol were given either fruits or meal replacement cookies to eat three times a day.  Both groups consumed exactly the same calories, with a diet consisting of 55% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 30% fat. The group that ate the fruit lost 1.22 kg but the meal replacement cookie group lost only 0.88 kg, making the fruit 38% more effective for burning fat.

Simply adding one of these foods to your regular diet (and of course cutting out all the junk) will instantly boost your weight loss.

Substituting several of these foods for the foods you regularly eat will have a significant effect on the amount of weight you lose.  But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what others have to say:

Since using your methods I have lost 49lbs within 9 weeks. Before this I had trouble losing any weight after I had my last child 17 years ago and I just have been putting on more weight ever since, and with my job taking up so many hours of my life a day around 16 to 18 hours a day I never thought I would lose all the weight I had put on I had tried so many things but nothing worked.

Yes I do eat from time to time some bad things but now I don’t put on the weight doing it, I control what I eat and have found my own way of eating and I really enjoying it do much better then the fast foods I used to eat and the time in which it takes me to make something it would have taken me that long to go and buy the fast foods anyway so I don’t lose anything and benefit a great deal.

I thank you for writing your book and helping me the way you have.

Lorraine Cordell, UK

I’ve lost 11 pounds just by taking coconut oil 1 tablespoon in the moring and one tablespoon in late afternoon.

Marie-Jeanne Hamilton, Valleyfield

I have now lost 5 pounds following your advice. I walk about an hour a day and I incorporated your advice, especially the curry recipe. I use curry and a wok to cook every conceivable veggie and I love it! I cook it with lime jucie, coconut milk, and yellow curry paste, instead of oil. I love Thai food!! Thank you.

Rachel Fairbank, Alaska

First of all, nothing is simple when it comes down to dieting or losing weight. However, in just four weeks I lost 15 lbs. I feel better and I look better. The better part comes from my wife. Please keep n mind that it takes a commitment to succed. What ever effert you put in this great program, is what you are going to be able to get out. We need to look at it as a bank. How much you have in your account, is how much you are able to get out.

Luciano Richmond, California

Thanks for your messages. I have been following them and they have been so helpful since I started using them I found out that I have lost 15kgs.

Esnat Happiness, Mzuzu, Malawi

I am a type 2 diabetic for the last 27 years. two yeas ago I got on the insulin pump because I was taking six shots a day about a 150 units a day. I have been on this diet for 3 1/2 weeks. Now I am only getting around 50 units a day and have lost 15 pounds. And feel great!

Regina Wood River IL

It has helped me alot I have lost 45 pounds in 4 months.

Mark Philpott, Lerna Illinois

I lost 11 pounds the first week 4 pounds the second week, looking forward to see how much more I will lose.

James K Ostertag, Garland, TX

I always used to be slim and fit until I turned 26. I got a full time job and found it difficult to stay in control of my weight. My weight steadily rose, until one week I gained 9lbs. After following your tips, I was able to regain my size ten figure and stay focused on my work, and I’m thrilled! Keep the tips coming, they really do work!

Tulula Miller Essex, UK

Thanks for all your advise. I now have more energy and I have lost 10 pounds in as little as 2 1/2 weeks

Nancy Waukegan , Illinois

Your info and tips have helped me lose 10lbs in 2 months, thanks.

Jeff Hill Parry Sound, Ontario

Why Do These Fat Fighting Foods Work?

Every single one of these foods can help you lose more weight.  They have either been directly scientifically proven to aid weight loss (such as grapefruit) or are rich in specific nutrients that stimulate thermogenisis (fat burning).

For example, foods rich in chromium have the effect of maintaining blood sugar levels, which means less cravings, and a reduced desire to overeat.  When you know what these foods are, you’ll be able to incorporate them into a diet where you won’t ever have to count calories, fats, or carbohydrates again.

What you’ll discover when you order the Fat Fighting Foods ebook will astound you.

The fruit that curbs cravings and contains a substance that grabs onto toxins and helps flush them out of your system (page 12)

A delicious Fat Fighting Food that contains a ARGININE that controls obesity (page 18)

The often forgotten fruit which provides the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk, and contains an important vitamin for increasing the metabolic rate (page 26)

Discover how to flush out cholesterol with this mouth-watering, satisfying food… best of all you can create popsicles (ice lollies) out of it! (page 28)

The tangy food that contains an amino acid which breaks down dietary fats and proteins more efficiently (page 32)

The juice you can pour over vegetables (instead of butter), that converts fat into energy and detoxifies the liver (page 36)

The fat-free food that cleanses your digestive tract, nourishes your endocrine system and contains 13 times more Vitamin C than oranges… but with less calories!

The sweet, juicy fruit that helps your body metabolize both sugars and fats (page 47)

How to take critical fat-burning enzymes in the form of a delicious, energizing fruit (page 51)

An amazing, easy to find food that cleanses your bowels and kidneys.  It also contains a wonderful nutrient that helps your body to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates (page 53)

The food that contains 16 essential nutrients, detoxifies the blood and fights water retention… best of all, it contains only 25 calories per serving!  (page 59)

Discover how to replace unfriendly bacteria with beneficial bacteria, and detox body fat with this vegetable (page 64)

A superfood that fights disease, balances blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol (age 66)

The natural vegetable digestive aid that beats sugar cravings, aids the digestion calms nervous tension, beats insomnia and fights disease (page 68)

How to increase your body’s production of fat-fighting enzymes with this common vegetable.  You can eat it raw or cooked – it’s that versatile (page 70)

The simple vegetable that’s used in Chinese Medicine to lower blood pressure, detoxifies your body and fights water retention (page 76)

A vegetable that’s low in calories but high in fat-fighting omega-3 fatty acids.  It stimulates the metabolism, gets rid of cholesterol and makes you feel full quickly (page 83)

The small but powerful vegetable that speeds the metabolism, burns fat and stabilizes sugar cravings. It contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits and more vitamin A than carrots (page 86)

An easy to find vegetable that helps you build lean muscle tissue (which increases your basal metabolic rate)  while producing an amino acid that boosts your metabolism of sugar and fats (page 94)

Do you suffer from constipation?  This little green vegetable helps your bowel movements, and blocks your body from absorbing excess sugars (page 97)The crunchy, low-fat food that helps dissolve fat present in cells, stimulates the metabolism (page 103)

You’re going to love this superfood – it contains a vitamins that helps you convert proteins, fats, and carbs into energy, while detoxifying your liver and blood, helping you stay thin for longer!  (page 109)

The detoxification vegetable that’s great for breakfast and diminishes sugar cravings throughout the day (115)

Imagine being able to eat as much of a delicious and nutritious food as you like, without putting on weight.  This amazing vegetable also helps you absorb the nutrients of other foods!  (page 119)

The single most important food a vegetarian must eat to get all their protein.  It helps your body produce more energy, and fill you up on less calories than meat (page 123)

A CLA-rich protein that helps decrease body fat and increase lean muscle tissue.  We show you how to select the lowest fat (and healthiest) version of this protein! (page 127)

You have got to try this high protein, low fat beef replacement – its rich in fatty acids that increase the metabolism.  Best of all, it cooks very quickly (page 130)

The thyroid-boosting protein that contains vitamins essential for converting fats and carbs into energy, and regulates blood sugar levels too (page 132)

How to select, prepare and lose weight eating this energy-boosting protein… only 68 calories per serving! (page 137)

An extremely satisfying (and delicious) protein that helps build lean muscle mass, increase the energy levels and keeps the thyroid healthy.  Best of all, they help the body flush out fats accumulated from other foods (page 142)

A gourmet food that was scientifically proven to reduce blood fat levels by 13%, and cholesterol levels by 7%.  It also reduces food cravings (page 147)

A detoxifying protein that increases energy levels and provides a slow-burning fuel which helps you stay active for longer (page 154)

The best food source of thiamin – this is the nutrient required for the body to metabolize carbohydrates.  (page 156)

Another alternative to beef, which contains just 175 calories per serving, but is extremely delicious with mustard (page 159)

Would you like to have the benefits of meat but with less calories and virtually no fat?  Try this amazing, yet versatile protein (page 165)

A thermogenic protein which stimulates lean muscle growth and is vital for optimal fat burning.  It eliminates hunger pangs and even has an anti-aging effect (page 169)

The appetite suppressant that improves the digestion, manages blood sugar levels while helping you lose weight (page 172)

A natural probiotic food that lowers cholesterol and contains a substance that boosts your metabolism and reduces the appetite (page 175)

Eat this wonderful breakfast food and energize your body, regulate your blood sugar while releasing blood fat levels (page 177)

An easy to digest carbohydrate that contains all the essential amino acids.  It helps the body convert fat into energy, balances the hormones while gently detoxing the body (page 181)

The fiber-rich food that fills you up, breaks down cholesterol, fights fatigue and reduces carbohydrate cravings (page 186)

How to speed up your metabolism while eating bread.  this particular carbohydrate also reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes (page 188)

The yummy anti-diabetic food that tantalizes your tastebuds while protecting you from disease (page 191)

An extremely delicious, satisfying food that slows down the aging process, lowers cholesterol, fights bloating and is easily burned for energy! (page 197)

The amazing fat that’s just as tasty as butter, but boosts your metabolism, supports your thyroid and promotes healthy skin.  You can even make a mayonnaise out of it! (page 201)

Try this food that cleans your colon, regulates hormones, improves your mood and beats stress.  It increases your energy stamina and vitality while helping you lose weight (page 204)

You have got to eat these nuts.  Not only can you feel full on a small amount, but they contain a chemical which makes you want to eat less all day (page 206)

A nut that you can eat without putting on weight, it also increases your energy level and combats fatigue (page 212)

Sleeping problems?  Here’s a tasty snack food that contains melatonin to help you sleep.  It also helps increase serotonin levels, which boosts your mood and promotes wellbeing (page 215)

Two foods you can eat with Italian food that are light in calories, contain no cholesterol and help your body eliminate toxins (page 218)

Another great ingredient for making Italian food that regulates your appetite, making you feel full and satisfied while eating less.  Best of all, it keeps your skin looking young!  (page 223)

An oil you can use to make great tasting dips, or stirfrys that helps break down fats, prevents fat build-up in your arteries and helps with digestion and detoxification (page 227)

Get rid of abdominal fat, increase muscle tissue and prevent overeating with this nutty tasting seed (page 231)

Fat Fighting Herbs And Spices

The condiment that speeds up the metabolism – it breaks down fatty deposits all over the body and contains a substance that soaks up fats and cholesterol.  Take it before meals for best effects (page 234)

A sweet herb that helps metabolize fats, and purge the system of toxins.  !t is also used in some European countries to sweeten the breath  (page 236)

You must try this nutritional and medicinal herb – its thermogenic effect stimulates increased fat burning, it decreases the appetite throughout the day and tastes great!  (page 238)

A tasty spice that helps control insulin spikes, reducing the amount of fat stored by the body.  Best of all, it’s a natural sweetener (page 240

An exotic, yet easy to find spice that improves the digestion and metabolism of fats, while helping your body assimilate the nutrients in your food (page 249)

How to relieve intestinal gas, excessive burping and flatulence with tis herb.  It improves the digestive process, so you don’t bloat after meals (page 255)

The superfood that contains oils which break down fat clumps and eliminate them from the system.  This food goes great with most savory dishes and it keeps for up to 6 months!  (page 256)

A detoxification herb that forces the body’s tissues to use more energy, which burns more fat.  It’s also powerful for detoxifying the body, and has antibacterial qualities (page 258)

A Simple, Easy To Follow Plan

Fat Fighting Foods contains a very simple and easy to follow way of eating, with just a few rules to follow.  I have even summarised them on one page so you can put it up on your refrigerator, take it shopping or keep with you for easy reference. 

And the best news is you can put these fat fighting rules into practise in minutes… and make the necessary changes in time for your next meal!

This power packed plan is so unique it comes with its own guarantee:

100% Risk-Free Fat Fighting Foods Weight Loss Money-Back Guarantee!

We feel so strongly that the advice in the book will help you lose weight that we are offering a full refund if you don’t lose weight after following all the recommendations.

The Fat Fighting Foods and Combinations are so powerful, we can make this generous claim… the foods have worked for our clients… they’ve worked for the people on this website and they will work for you.

You can purchase Fat Fighing Foods safely in the knowlege that your weight loss is 100% guaranteed.

When you order Fat Fighting Foods you’ll get a 260-page ebook, outlining the foods, explaining why they fight fat and how to prepare them and combine them, so you’ll know exactly how to get started.

There has been no simpler way to boost your weight loss… or a more comprehensive list of foods that fight fat – until now.

This guide contains the most up to date list of foods that will help you lose weight (last updated August 2007).

Page by page you’ll read about these fat fighting foods and most importantly you’ll discover:

Why these foods fight fat better than other foods, and how easy it is for you to eat Fat Fighting Foods in every meal

Additional health benefits you’ll get from eating these foods… these amazing foods help you acheive your perfect body and improve your health!

How to prepare these foods, so you don’t kill their fat-burning ability. You’ll get simple tips you can follow… whatever your cooking ability or food tastes

How much of these foods you can eat to maximize your weight loss (you’ll be pleased to know the portions are VERY SATISFYING

Serving suggestions for these foods so you’ll never have to stand in front of your cupboards wondering what you’re going to eat

So, you have nothing to lose except your excess body fat when you order Fat Fighting Foods!

I Want To Try The Fat Fighting Foods!

How Many Of These Fat-Fighting Foods
Do You Want To Include In Your Diet?

Fat Fighting Foods is an instant download. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be directed to a download page containing your files.

So, there’s no waiting for a physical book to arrive in the mail – You can have this info within minutes and can put these amazingly delicious foods to work in time for your next meal!

To your success,

Shola Oslo
Medical Researcher

P.S.  These Fat Fighting Foods really work.  The information in Fat Fighting Foods is backed up by the research of scientists, doctors and nutritionists.  But its only those who put the plan into practice who will get the best results.  Make sure you are one of them by ordering today.

P.P.S.  If you don’t lose weight following the plan, I insist you contact me for a full refund.

Copyright FatFightingFoods.com

var d=new Date()
document.write(d.getFullYear()) . All Rights Reserved.

Supporting Research:

Fujioka K, Greenway F, Sheard J, Ying Y. The effects of grapefruit on weight and insulin resistance: relationship to the metabolic syndrome. J Med Food. 2006 Spring;9(1):49-54.

Fordyce-Baum MK, Langer LM, Mantero-Atienza E, Crass R, Beach RS. Use of an expanded-whole-wheat product in the reduction of body weight and serum lipids in obese females. Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jul;50(1):30-6.

Conceição de Oliveira M, Sichieri R, Sanchez Moura A. Weight loss associated with a daily intake of three apples or three pears among overweight women. Nutrition. 2003 Mar;19(3):253-6.

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Our recomended Fat Fighting Foods: lose weight with the foods that burn fat diet in weight loss is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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