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Yes, I did what everyone else does. I went to the eye doctor, I tried to explain what I was seeing, and my doctor simply told me to ignore them.

There I was, being annoyed by eye floaters every day and all my doctor could tell me was to ignore them.

Actually, when I thought that my eye floaters couldn’t get any worse, I started to experience eye flashes as well. As you probably know, this is usually a sign of a retinal detachment.

I went to the eye doctor right away and explained my situation. Luckily, he said that my retina was fine.

Still, I now suffered from eye floaters, eye flashes and things didn’t seem to be getting any better.

And then it happened, I came across a method that ACTUALLY worked. And do you know what the best part is?

I started to see fewer and fewer eye floaters. My eye flashes, which occurred sporadically, literally went away overnight.

Yes, I can still see a small eye floaters here and there, but I see nowhere near what I used to see in the past.

I want to let you know that there’s hope. You don’t have to live with eye floaters for the rest of your life.

But before I tell you about this new method, I want to explain why the alternatives are not such a good choice.

Laser surgery and FOV are tested and proven methods for removing floaters. However, there are several reasons why I decided to avoid the procedures, and why you should seriously consider avoiding them as well.

Research suggests that around half of the people who undergo FOV later develop cataracts, while others experience retinal detachment, reoccurrence of floaters, or even loss of vision.

Nearly 40% of people who attempt to…

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