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Mel is a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience since graduating with a Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Ulster.

The big thing I’ve noticed since starting DROPS is the significant increase in my energy levels. I used to get a post-lunch slump where I would be really tired, and sometimes even struggling to keep my eyes open, but now – I’m fresh as a daisy!… All in all, I think DROPS it great!! I’ve been recommending it to other people cuz I’m lovin’ it!

Well I’m very excited right now. Haven’t weighed or measured for a while but I got a real boost today. I’ve been wearing a size 22 dress for quite some time and my friend gave me a beautiful ‘little black dress’ in a size 18 that I could fit into for a special party coming in November. Guess what, IT’S TOO BIG FOR ME!!!!!! I had no idea I had lost that much.

Well it has been 3 weeks since I have been on here and I am sooooo pleased to record that I am now……….. 11st/70kg!!! So that is a further 6lbs/3kg off!! I also have lost inches but I will record that on week 4. Still can’t believe I’ve managed it!! Nor was it a struggle!

My confidence got boosted yesterday when I met a friend I haven’t seen since New Years and she noticed the difference and couldn’t stop saying how good I looked.

I am loving this program. I have been on here looking at all of the wonderful stories of the successes and I am feeling more motivated than ever!

Unlike diets, DROPS begins with the most important organ when…

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